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First day of school memories.

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bigbumval Tue 04-Sep-18 12:55:32

I remember it well (secondary school/can't remember before that).
My mum took me.
They got all the kids in the hall, read out your old school name and gave everyone a number. Then all the number 3's (me) lined up and that was your class for the next five years.
It was scary and everything seemed so big. There were kids the likes of which you'd never seen before.
There was a girl who had tights on which had frogs on them. For about the next 3 years they called her froggy.

I miss it.

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loubluee Tue 04-Sep-18 13:17:15

I remember the day I started high and a girl had a ribbon in her hair, a friend turned to me and said ‘look how babyish she is wearing a ribbon to high school’. That’s the only thing I can remember about day 1 lol

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