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Damian Hinds says no extra funding for schools, try cutting down on photocopying

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noblegiraffe Thu 30-Aug-18 12:21:59

TES have interviewed Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education and he has confirmed that schools can expect no increase in funding in years to come.

“We don’t spend a great deal less than other countries”

When asked about schools that haven’t budgeted for a pay rise for teachers and will now have to make cuts in order to achieve this (or not pass it on), and whether these schools would receive extra financial help “Mr Hinds flagged up the DfE’s new School Resource Management Strategy, which aims to help schools save money on things like photocopying, utilities and insurance.”.

What lovely news for the end of the holidays.

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Astronotus Thu 30-Aug-18 15:37:11

A Strategy. So there it is, schools just need a new Strategy (again). Another hoop to jump through for overworked headteachers. Here is a quote from that Strategy, the Dept of Ed's "School efficiency metric tool: secondary" document:

"The result will show how efficient your school is on a scale of 1 (most efficient) to 10 (least efficient), compared with 49 similar schools."

Mr Hinds - if none of the schools have enough money in the first place it is a metric tool not worth using.

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