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Kenlee Thu 30-Aug-18 09:04:19

What grades do you need to get In your GCSE to be able to get onto a BTEC level 3?

What BTEC grades will university accept for entrance and what universities will realistically accept a BTEC level 3?

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 30-Aug-18 11:08:45

BTEC level 3 generally needs something like 5 x grade 4 with English and Maths, but some seem to allow one of English & Maths to be lower and retaken. Have look at the prospectus of your local provider, as they may accept less.

Universities will take BTECs but either on to directly following on courses (eg Computing BTEC -> Computing degree), or 'less academic universities' who accept on a points basis rather than offering by A level grade. (I'm talking the Extended Diplomas here rather than 2A level+1 BTEC).

My DD's Travel and Tourism BTEC had quite a lot of writing and Analysis needed to get higher grades (that she couldn't do).

As to what grades, I don't know as we didn't look into universities for DD. To be honest though I would think you would need more than Merit-Merit-Merit (3Cs) to stand a chance of coping at university.

MsMamaNature Thu 30-Aug-18 16:40:16

We are in Northern Ireland and haven't converted to the new grading system but my son has been accepted into college to do a BTEC level 3 extended diploma. Entry requirements were 4 Grade C's. This is meant to include Maths and English but those who don't get a C have to agree to re-sit them. The extended diploma is equivalent to 3 A levels. University courses are usually related to the BTEC as the previous poster said. Entry requirements to university varies - check the course details on the individual university website but typical requirements would involve a lot of Distinction grades in the modules covered in the BTEC, eg 6 Distinctions, 4 Merits.

LIZS Thu 30-Aug-18 16:49:11

5 gcse passes ie. 4/5 and above will nor ally be sufficient, although some colleges will allow one gcse/level 2 resit alongside. For uni entry you need an extended level 3 to achieve the equivalent of 3 A levels, for a entry to a degree course at around 90 -112 ucas points.

LIZS Thu 30-Aug-18 16:53:54

UCAS points equivalents :-

Most unis/courses will state their various entry requirements.

Rainbowtrees Thu 30-Aug-18 16:58:52

DD is starting a level 3 btech soon, course entry requirement is at least 4 GCSEs at level 4 or above.

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