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Anglo European Ingatestone IB

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Hesa Thu 30-Aug-18 00:15:41

Dears, I have a Year 11 kid we are thinking of the Anglo European Ingatestone IB
Please PM me if you have any tips or info on Anglo. She is a grammar school material and have been in competitive international schools all her life. I am a bit worried as Anglo is a comprehensive though IB is a well rounded curriculum. I hear mixed reviews on the school even on this forum. Hoping for the best. I'd appreciate your experience.

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hertsandessex Thu 30-Aug-18 19:54:43

Yes I've heard mixed comment as well although know people there who are happy. Hockerill Anglo-European is much better is that is an option for you geographically or boarding is a possibility. You probably know already but be sure you DS is happy with the commitment to IB. It is a lot of work to get a good grade! Much more than doing say 3 A levels.

Hesa Mon 03-Sep-18 23:42:41

Thx hertsandessex.

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ShanghaiDiva Tue 04-Sep-18 02:24:28

I don't have experience of the school, but my son just completed the IB so happy to answer any questions about subjects.
Agree with hertsandessex -it's considerably more work than 3 A levels.

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