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secondary schools

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Monkeys121 Wed 29-Aug-18 23:19:18

what schools are good at secondary level if you live in sidcup and not so good

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Rebecca36 Thu 30-Aug-18 00:35:02

Chislehurst and Sidcup grammar school
Townley Grammar (girls)
Not far: Coopers Comprehensive, Sidcup. I've heard that is excellent.

Rebecca36 Thu 30-Aug-18 00:35:52

Sorry, meant to say Coopers is in Chislehurst. It isn't far, a bus ride.

Monkeys121 Thu 30-Aug-18 19:08:17

do you think I would get coopers from living near Queens Mary's hospital in Sidcup or is that to far is Chislehurst school for girl any good as that ois nearer

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PettsWoodParadise Sat 01-Sep-18 21:54:46

I am surprised at the comment about Coopers. It isn’t dire but it doesn’t have an amazing reputation either. At best it seems an average school and at worst for middle attainers a bad school (see progress 8 scores by prior attainment: ) . I went there and know others whose kids have been in the last two years. They get through. The Bromley booklet gives distances in recent years and some bands (there is a banding test to sit in late autumn prior to joining) go further than others.

I have a friend whose DD went to CSFG and her daughter is happy and thriving in the grammar stream they do at the school. Another says they didn’t have much choice and are topping up the gaps with copious amounts of tutoring and her DD is quite unhappy. I suspect it may be the same in any school where one will suit some better than others.

DD is very happy at Newstead and has girls from Sidcup in her class, as the catchment is 9 miles Sidcup is well within distance.

If applying out of the usual round and instead as an ‘in-year’ application- that is a very different approach.

Monkeys121 Thu 06-Sep-18 22:28:27

would Bromley admissions let people in from Sidcup to attend coopers or Chislehurst school for girls some people say Chislehurst school for girls is not good any comments welcome is bullers wood school for girls good would you get in if you live in Sidcup

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PettsWoodParadise Thu 06-Sep-18 22:51:28

You don’t have to live in Bromley to apply to a Bromley school. Apply via your own authority’s CAF if during the usual round of admissions. As said above look at the Bromley Booklet to get an idea on distances in the past - depending on band Coopers went out to between 1.3 and 2.8 miles for this year’s intake, that might go up if it doesn’t take into account latest moves. Depending on birth rate, other schools increasing or decreasing PAN, number of families with children in the area of same age as your DD - can all affect how those that admit on distance can change.

Chislehurst school for Girls was ‘all offered’ so this year all those who applied got a place. Plus probably some who didn’t apply.

PettsWoodParadise Thu 06-Sep-18 22:52:59

You’d be highly unlikely to get a distance place for Bullers from Sidcup. Check the admissions criteria for the school and see if your DD qualifies any other way.

KnotsInMay Thu 06-Sep-18 22:57:49

It makes no difference what borough you are in, the school had to consider all applicants according to their stated admissions policy.

In fact schools are not allowed to discriminate between boroughs. If they have a distance criteria it is on distance, irrespective of borough boundaries.

As Pp said, you just list all schools you want to apply to on your form. Your LA does the rest,

Monkeys121 Fri 07-Sep-18 09:46:52

is Chislehurst school for girls school not popular what about blackfen school for girls or harris falconwood from living near queen mary hospital

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Monkeys121 Sun 21-Oct-18 23:07:36

do people think coopers or Chislehurst blackfen will be oversubscribed in 2019

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