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Grammar Schools - Kingston area

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ch16 Wed 29-Aug-18 20:48:00

The Sutton schools are excellent too.

ch16 Wed 29-Aug-18 20:45:15

Do an IQ test.They use to do this at Kingston primaries many years ago(2009) and achieve around 120-125 and you are Tiffin material.

FlumePlume Sun 26-Aug-18 18:21:30

Worth noting the Inner Area gives (some) priority to Tiffin Girls, that’s the wards of:
Coombe Hill
Coombe Vale
St Mark's
Ham, Petersham and Richmond Riverside

It’s worth looking at the admissions criteria in detail.

user1499173618 Sun 26-Aug-18 09:47:26

There is no such thing as “smooth access” to selective secondary schools in London and the SE! It’s a highly competitive market/process and you will need to work very hard at it, even if your DC are at great schools.

HRTpatch Sun 26-Aug-18 09:43:08

It doesn't work like that. Children have to sit exams for entry to Tiffins and the other grammar schools...very oversubscribed. Kingston Grammar is private.

cmdall Sun 26-Aug-18 09:37:56

Hello, we are currently living abroad and thinking to come back to Kingston area in the search of good primary state schools. After a few years, children will go to secondary school. I appreciate if you can advise on nice primary state schools that then children could have a smooth access into the grammar schools in Kingston area. We are flexible with the location as we are only focus on the good schools. Thank you for your support! X

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