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Remarking How to go about it?

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Enko Thu 23-Aug-18 19:08:38

Ds got 1 mark off a 7 in English Language and it has been suggested we look at getting it remarked.

However as he didn't get the % he needed to stay at his school we were more concerned about this and have been out looking for another school. So I did not ask how we go about this?

I have been googling but most of them say simply to speak with the school. The school was actually not that helpful on this We spoke with HT as I felt there was special considerations in the case of DS (he had a serious kidney issue in year 9 and missed a lot of classes until this was fixed with a operation at GOSH his attendance that year was in the high 60s in the case of 1 subject he missed 49% of the classes that year) The school however was on flat no with a " even if we remarked that one it wouldn't do enough. (he was 2.5% off)

Overall he has a pretty decent set of marks mostly 6's but an 8 and a 7 as well. However how do we go about remarking this one is it individual to each school or how?

Google didn't prove that helpful but perhaps I am not looking for the right hits.?

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sherbertdibdab Thu 23-Aug-18 19:12:52

The schools exams officer should be the point of contact. They manage the requests for remarks and special consideration.

Enko Thu 23-Aug-18 19:15:42

Tnx Sherbert will contact them tomorrow. Thankfully ds seems a bit happier and is accepting dh and I feel he has done good. (I actually think he has done amazing due to his circumstances but he is not ready to hear that I know)

His younger sisters school is looking hopeful and it is a good school (not grammar - we live in a grammar area)

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PattiStanger Thu 23-Aug-18 19:17:01

It should be pretty straight forward, I'd email the exams officer, say which paper you want to be remarked and ask them to organise it. You'll probably have to go in to the school and sign a form and pay the fee but other than that the school will do it for you

Witchend Fri 24-Aug-18 00:44:04

I don't think you can add in special consideration after the exams. The amount they'll likely to credit him by because he missed most of year 9 I suspect would be very little (my friend died in the middle of her ds' GCSEs and he got 5% added) as they'd just say that he could have taken a year out.

But I would say it's worth looking at a remark if he's 1 mark off as he's not likely to go down.

Enko Sun 26-Aug-18 09:04:33

Witch end if DS exam is remarked and grade goes up 1 grade then we are requesting 1.5% special considerations. So I don't think we are asking a lot. Sadly the school is closed to the idea completely. (New head last year this would not have been a issue they would have looked at each individual case and gone from there)

We are currently waiting dd3's school to see if they have spaces. DS not passing was a huge shock for everyone (including 4 teachers who were all trying to support and find ways around it) However we have hit a brick wall. DD3' school were shocked that the current school wouldn't show any leeway (he has an 46.5 average so really not bad grades)

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Ellapaella Sun 26-Aug-18 12:02:31

My DS got 3 points off a 7 in one subject - the mark was there to see on the results paper. His teacher gave him a form to fill in there and then requesting a remark. It will cost £20 and we will get the money back if the mark is put higher.
I'd say get in touch with the school and they should be able to advise you how to do it.

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