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Not sure he's done enough in his grades - help please?

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Freefalling123 Thu 23-Aug-18 13:30:48

DS needed 4x A-D grades for college. They referred to it as A-D.

Despite being predicted Bs and Cs he has managed to get a 4 3 in combined science (does that mean 2 gcses 1 at 3 and 1 at 4?) plus 5x grade 3 in maths, english, eng lit, geography and business.

I'm trying to make head or tail of the new system - is 3 a D and therefore he's ok? He is having english remarked as was 1 off a C, and also got a merit pass in a BTEC.

College are calling him back, but it's now been 3 hours and still not heard, so I thought I'd try mumsnet wisdom!

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SleepyMcEdie Thu 23-Aug-18 13:32:04

A 3 is a D and so he should be ok. It’s a low D but I would assume most colleges would still call it a D.

RhubarbandGin Thu 23-Aug-18 13:35:13

I think it will depend on the college to be honest, how many other students are wanting to enroll on the same course and their grades.
We had a similar case this morning my DS needed a 6 in physics but got a 5, we spoke with the college and they agreed he could still do the courses he wanted.

They will be really busy today so it will take time for them to get back to you, or you could go in and speak to them?

Freefalling123 Thu 23-Aug-18 13:35:20

Thanks Sleepy - that's what I was hoping. I just wish they'd call back. He's doing what I would call a non-academic course at college, more practical, and he's already got a linked apprenticeship lined up alongside it.

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noblegiraffe Thu 23-Aug-18 13:38:14

A 3 isn’t a low D, it’s the only equivalent to a D there is. If he got 3s and they wanted Ds then they have to accept.

Freefalling123 Thu 23-Aug-18 13:42:56

Thanks Rhubarb and Noble - I'm in complete panic mode and not seeing wood for trees.
Typically I have no car today as it's being serviced prior to holiday tomorrow otherwise I would be driving down to college!

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noblegiraffe Thu 23-Aug-18 13:51:08

He will have to resit English and maths with a 3 so worth checking on the college website how that will be arranged (he might need to be getting his arse in gear for a November resit and hitting the books as early as possible would be a good idea).

Good luck with the English remark!

Freefalling123 Thu 23-Aug-18 14:29:56

Yes, I thought he would need to resit Maths (i wanted him to anyway), and English if he doesn't get the remark result. College was 4x A-D including english and maths, so again, I think he's ok.
When college phone back one question to ask is if he can resit for November there, or if we have to speak to school about that. Or do it independently.

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OzymandiasFanClub Thu 23-Aug-18 14:55:36

3 is equivalent to old D.
How do you know he was "one mark off a C"- have you been given actual scores????

Freefalling123 Thu 23-Aug-18 15:16:25

Apparently school told him - hence they recommended going for a remark. I wasn't allowed to go in to school with him (too embarrassing apparently!)

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sd249 Thu 23-Aug-18 16:58:40

If he is going to college they will facilitate the re-sits.

If they are offering a practical based subject then they will have lots of students in the same position and will just put maths (and possibly English) on his timetable.

If they wanted A-D then 3's are fine. Congratulations to him for getting what he needed to get his college place!

SleepyMcEdie Thu 23-Aug-18 17:02:48

What sD249 said. They will put classes on in English and Maths on his timetable. Unlikely he will take it in November unless they are really confident he will pass, most colleges make them do it for the full year.

NoLeslie Thu 23-Aug-18 17:05:58

I hope he gets the place, imo sounds like he has done well enough so a tentative congratulations from me. As he has the apprentice placement lined up I am sure the college will be very keen on making sure he is accepted.

Freefalling123 Thu 23-Aug-18 17:57:28

Thank you - phone call back from college sounded promising and he can do retakes there too. Just waiting on an email with a link for him to send results and get the confirmation. Still slightly scary but feel better now, thanks!

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