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Last minute preparation for Henrietta Barnet School

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Ifrah Sun 19-Aug-18 23:02:56

Hello, My daughter is preparing for Henrietta Barnet School. She is very good in studies in her school. I booked 3 mock tests with 'eleven plus exams' she is taking on average 75-78% marks. Over the mock experience, she has improved her exam skill in numerical reasoning, but still struggling in verbal reasoning part. Secondly, some times she performs well in one area e.g. vocabulary but next time will lose marks in that area. Any last advice for last 15 days please?


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camcam1 Mon 20-Aug-18 09:19:30

I see she did mocks with eleven plus exams so I’m sure you have been over to the elevenplus forum as there Is so much advise there, from parents who’s did have sat or are sitting. Did they tell you where she was banded overall?
I beleive* in order to get to band A girls will score in the very high 90%. My advise would be to work on sections instead of the whole practice paper for a few day,so that she is really secure and consistent, especially with the verbal reasoning. I would spend a few days going over the verbal section if that’s her weakness. Please, the exam is soon. She needs to feel confident as it’s very indimidating just walking into the exam thinking all the children sitting are geniuses. It’s about managing your time well with good speed and accuracy. And reassuring her, no matter what the result- you are proud of her just putting herself in that situation.
I hope you have good school alternatives as well as I would be spending a good amount of time being positive about the other schools.
It’s summer holidays- i hope she is enjoying herself and getting a lot of fresh air. A happy and well rested child will always do better imo.

ExTiffinBoy Mon 20-Aug-18 10:39:17

Hi Ifrah,

Firstly wishing your daughter all the best for her upcoming exams, I went to a grammar school myself so understand firsthand the stress and pressure she is facing therefore please reassure her not to be stressed.

In terms of verbal reasoning, I would ask her to complete 3 tests a day (first thing in the morning, just before noon and around 3pm/4pm). Mark these tests yourself and identify which area did she perform the worst in. In the evening, dedicate two 30mins sections to her two weakest parts. I hope that this methodical approach helps you and provides you at least with some basic structure.

If you need anything that you would like to discuss via PM please do not hesitate to message me. For the record, I attended Tiffin School and scored 256/280 (not sure what the split between non-verbal/verbal was) so I feel that I am in a position to comment on how to go about approaching the Eleven Plus wink

camcam1 Mon 20-Aug-18 12:10:21

ExTiffinboy hmmmhmm
I’m a little bit confused as to why you are on mumsnet forum (tutor?)
And if you are a tutor, making a child Sit three papers a DAY and then another hoyr, plus going over mistakes is insane!!!I hope no parent follows this. I taught my own ds for his 11+ and he passed one of the top boys grammar in the UK. And no way would I subject my child to that. He would of made several silly mistakes if I made him sit entire hour long papers! I hope the OP or anyone doesn’t follow your advice.

A child of that age learns and absorbs more with less pressure and support and gentle encouragement with work set in reasonable time frames. I feel sympathy for children who work for 5+ hours a day and don’t even past the test.

camcam1 Mon 20-Aug-18 12:16:44

And I would like to add: attending (as is claimed) Tiffin boys (whenever that may be) doesnt imo help in the least with being in a position to help advise others (especially when the child’s wellbeing isn’t being considered) and the HB exam isn’t even the same!

ExTiffinBoy Mon 20-Aug-18 12:37:42

Hi camcam1,

I as confused as you - why do you feel more entitled to be one this forum than me? Since you have already tutored your child successfully (congratulations) I am not sure why you are here either?

I am happy to provide evidence of my claims if Ifrah so wishes, Tiffin School is one of the top grammar schools in SW London. The OP was asking for last minute advice as the exam is only 15 days away. I was merely stating my opinion, you seem to have taken this rather personally so I apologise if I have upset you in any manner.

Anyway, I wish the OP all the best and I have not forced my opinion on anyone. I've merely expressed my personal views and OP is welcome to take on board or ignore what I have said.

Kind Regards

Ifrah Mon 20-Aug-18 14:36:53

Dear camcam1 and ExTiffinBoy,
Many many thanks for your kind pieces of advice. I will take both of you as precious contributors. I agree with camcam1 that section wise preparation is needed now. I also like ExTiffinBoy's personal experience for giving my child vigorous training. I am pleased that my daughter is happy to take more than 1/2 tests every day and to follow the mistakes. If there is any thing more regarding the last minutes books or websites for getting confidence in antonym and synonyms type questions, please let me know. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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Ifrah Mon 20-Aug-18 14:38:17

Just to add my conversation, my daughter is doing English from Bond 11+ website.

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camcam1 Mon 20-Aug-18 17:11:13

Hi ExTiffinBoy
I am sorry if I came across as more entitled than you. Not the case at all! I was simply unsure of your intentions by stating you sat a boys grammar school which has no link to HBS Many years ago. I have been a member for over 10+ years and do post. Your username is that of the school you ‘went’ to (scores and all) and you are posting on mumsnet- so it appeared you could be a tutor and that once the OP PMs you you may offer her papers/ advise with a charge? I could be completely wrong, of course.

Ifrah, English from the Bond website is nowhere near the level required- I like GL, first past the post, CGP, Robert Lomax and such.
However, I believe the first round is verbal and numerical reasoning, and she needs to score exceptionally high to go through to the second round (of only 300 girls?) so I’d strongly advise to practice this.

You know your daughter best- if she can cope doing countless papers everyday, Then fine. However that may be a waste of precious prep time when she has subjects which need more practice. Please check elevenplus forum as I previously stated as you will find a world of valuable information. It really helped and lead to success for my ds with the North London grammars and independents.
Good luck x

laptopdisaster Mon 20-Aug-18 21:37:49

Firstly, I think you have to make sure that she hasn't got her heart set on HBS if, as I understand, your preparation only started recently. She will be competing against girls who have been tutored weekly for two years, some of whom are also in prep schools that prepare for the 11+. HBS gets 30 applicants per place and so whoever said she'll need well over 90% is right.

In the time you've got left I would consider getting a few sessions with a tutor and take their advice.

ExTiffinBoy Tue 21-Aug-18 04:36:01

Hi Ifrah,

Thanks for your reply, if you are specifically looking for last minute synonym and antonym worksheets may I point you in the direction of the below site?

@camcam 1 I'd like to make the point that I am not associated with this website in any manner, I am merely providing a link to free resources which I think is particularly useful for this subject. There are downloadable PDF worksheets on the site. May I also point out that I am offering my opinion for free, I've not tried to solicit any payment. The fact that I did go to a grammar school and have been through the 11 Plus Process with an exceptionally high score should give some credibility to my opinion. You are under no obligation to believe where I studied or what I scored but should anyone require proof that can quite easily be done.

All the best to Ifrah's daughter with her studies! Let us know how she gets on.

Movablefeast Tue 21-Aug-18 04:51:26

Thanks ExTiffinBoy I like these sheets and will use them with my 12 yr old son for practice smile.

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