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A level retake

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Tigerlily7 Thu 16-Aug-18 16:23:12

Can anyone recommend colleges to retake A levels or where you can do 1 year A levels. Most schools and 6th form colleges don't offer retakes and so it seems that only private colleges offer this. Can anyone shed any light on this. Looking for anywhere in Dorset/Wiltshire or London.

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catslife Thu 16-Aug-18 17:27:23

FE colleges may offer 1 year retake courses as well.
I think there was an issue with the new reformed A levels that meant this wasn't possible for the start of the new courses but it should be OK now.

MollyHuaCha Thu 16-Aug-18 21:44:01

Independent 6th form colleges do this. There are several in central London.

ReservoirDogs Fri 17-Aug-18 20:25:10

Look to see if there is a Mander Portman woodward (MPW) in a suitable location.

They are a one year retake specialist that seem to get grades up significantly.

Tigerlily7 Sat 18-Aug-18 01:44:08

Thank you for all the advice. I was hoping that he could do it from home with the help of a local 6th form college but none of them take people on for retakes. It is further complicated by the fact that this coming year will take a different curriculum for most subjects due to the A level reforms. Does anyone know about how the courses are changing and how that impacts on retakes. Thanks

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catslife Sat 18-Aug-18 14:52:50

He would be able to retake the old style courses but there are only limited opportunities to do so. Is this for Maths/Further Maths as these are the only facilitating subjects that weren't converted to linear ones for 2018 exams?
I know somewhere in Bath that accepts retake students or would that be too far for you?

Shadowboy Sat 18-Aug-18 15:00:15

It may be for funding reasons. Colleges only get funding for a student if they have contact teaching for a set number of hours per year - hence why many are reluctant to take on a student if they are not actually having taught lessons- for us we don’t take students unless they have 480 hours of contact as a minimum. I think that works out as 2.5 subjects so something like two A levels plus an EPQ. How many subjects does he want to retake?

Tigerlily7 Sun 19-Aug-18 12:16:20

Bath is quite far but I'd be interested to know where you're thinking of.

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Thomasinaa Sun 19-Aug-18 12:17:53

Correspondence course?

catslife Sun 19-Aug-18 15:16:59

I have sent you a pm OP.

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