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Aspergers diagnosis and 11+ appeal- advice please!

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WeakandWobbly Sat 11-Aug-18 00:35:15

My ds was referred by school for an ASD diagnosis when he was in year 4. He is now in year 5 and about to sit his 11+ this September (start of yr 6). Due to the snail pace of the system - and initial unwillingness of the paeds to give a diagnosis, we have gone private and he is going thru assessment over the summer. He was also seen by CAMHS for anxiety and they are also doing a neuro ASD assessment at the end of the summer.
. As we have missed the deadline to apply for access arrangements, would it be reasonable if , as I suspect, he gets the Aspergers diagnosis around the same time as a borderline 11+ result?
He is bright, but struggles with distractibility and social cues.

Thanks for any help!

PettsWoodParadise Sat 11-Aug-18 07:49:15

No experience but there are some amazing people who help with appeals on the elevenplusexams forum but they ask that you read their guidance (very thorough) before posting questions. Link here good luck

WeakandWobbly Sat 11-Aug-18 18:14:48

Thank you! I will have a look.

User19992018 Sat 11-Aug-18 18:18:54

Would love advice on this too and also on choices for secondary school if your DC is mildly on the spectrum (which one of ours is).

Like you@WeakandWobbly we have been slowly funnelled towards diagnosis but so far nothing clear cut.

I keep wondering if private is better (more focused attention, potentially better teaching, smaller classes etc = less overwhelm) or if state provision would be better because they do have dedicated SEN staff and money allocated. State schools also have a greater range of autistic children and may therefore have better understanding and knowledge than private?

Sorry for hijacking thread, I should start my own.

What have you decided weakandwobbly?

WeakandWobbly Sat 11-Aug-18 20:21:02

Hi I've decided to wait for all of the results. Just FYI we tried the private school route when ds was younger. Didn't work, because smaller class sizes and focused attention made him "stand out" more than in the state school where he is now. The local comp has great SEN, so he does have that option....

LadyLapsang Thu 16-Aug-18 07:16:15

Given he was referred to CAHMS for anxiety, do you think the more competitive environment of an academically selective school would be the best environment for his secondary education? (Realise other issues may be the source of his anxiety.)

Biologifemini Thu 16-Aug-18 07:21:55

Aspergers isnt used any longer as a formal diagnosis. It will be ASD.
Of course you should ask for more time. You don’t necessarily need a diagnosis.....just that you are going through a process.

WeakandWobbly Thu 16-Aug-18 10:00:34

Ladylapsang I have thought the same. It's a tricky one because he is bright and has an IQ on 95th centile; hence he's quite bored at school. So the grammar may be more stimulating....?

stopthecavalry Thu 16-Aug-18 22:02:02

My DN has ASD and did the 11+. He didn't get more time. He got a separate room so he wasn't distracted by others and he got a 5 min break between sections of the paper where they stopped the clock. Definitely try to sort something out. The structure and discipline of grammar really suits DN.

WeakandWobbly Thu 16-Aug-18 23:19:53

Thanks @stopthecalvary, that's good but as I've missed the deadline to ask for special arrangements (talked out of it by the head teacher) he won't get any breaks we just have to keep fingers crossed!

tartanterror Fri 17-Aug-18 13:43:48

As your diagnosis is likely to come after the deadline you are completely justified in applying “late”. Grammars are legally obliged to consider late applicants so they certainly have to accommodate late SEN requirements. I reckon you will have better chances either way a) you apply late and are granted extra time etc or b) you are refused but would have a better chance on appeal. Not sure if you can appeal on the Sen unless you have applied for accommodations (been refused) and sat the test and then put the school on the CAF - but the elevenplusforum people will be able to advise

WeakandWobbly Fri 17-Aug-18 17:45:06

That is so helpful tartanterror, I will bear it in mind. Timing really is everything. If anyone else has a suggestion I'm happy to hear it. Thank you, I will check the forum.

WeakandWobbly Mon 20-Aug-18 11:42:58

I put a request into my local school admissions, explaining the situation and they have kindly pushed his date to sit the 11+ exam back by 1 month, so that I have time to get the Ed Psych reports in for the adjustments. Really pleased. So tartanterror - I looks like we will be "late applicants" anyway!

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