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GCSE Results Collection

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NotEnoughTime Mon 06-Aug-18 14:07:49

Obviously results day is looming (yikes!) Are you planning on going with your DC to collect their results or have you done so in the past with older DC?

My DS hasn't mentioned yet whether he wants to go on his own or wants us (ie me and his Dad) to go with him. He will probably make up his mind when his mates make up theirs confused grin As he is my eldest I'm not sure what the "done thing" is.

I know he wants to physically go in and collect the results from school but I'm not sure whether parents usually attend too or whether it's just the DC. I really want to support him (especially as he needs excellent grades to stay on at his school for sixth form) so would like to be around in case we need to speak to school staff etc (hopefully we won't but you never know) but equally I don't want to embarrass him either by being the only pushy? parent there!

All advice gratefully received smile

Cauliflowersqueeze Mon 06-Aug-18 14:09:16

It’s a mix at our school but mainly parents wait outside - the kids come in on their own in general and collect the envelope.

yummiestmama Mon 06-Aug-18 14:09:25

It's unlikely he will want you there in my experience. Ten years of teaching and only seen a handful of parents. I'm sure he will call you pretty soon afterwards though!

Good luck to him (and you!)

Sofabitch Mon 06-Aug-18 14:11:40

Parents here tend to go but hang around outside.

rainingcatsanddog Mon 06-Aug-18 14:14:56

Parents wait outside. Some kids like mine want to open the envelope in private

Aragog Mon 06-Aug-18 14:15:20

At DD's school most have parents around. Not in the building necessarily, but close by, often waiting in cars. But most pupils live a distance from the school anyway and obviously school uses, etc aren't running.

At present DD has asked me to drive her there, she will go in and get her envelope on her own. But she is currently adamant she won't open them in school but wants to come back home and open them there. Many of her closest friends are on academic scholarships and likely to be getting string of very high grades, or would be upset with dropping a grade or two. DD is much more your normal average child - and she doesn't want to feel she's being compared with them at that time, or deal with them crying over grades she'd be really pleased with. She's not told them the though, obviously.

Malbecfan Mon 06-Aug-18 14:24:00

At my/DDs' school, like Aragog, most people live a distance away and parents will drive them in. With both DDs, they went in themselves to collect them and opened the envelope first before coming out to show me. Most of the parents did likewise, standing or sitting outside the building until their offspring came out.

This year, I have been a y11 form tutor. Several of my tutees asked if I could be there. I don't have to be as it is not directed time and I don't have one of my own children in the year group, but I am going in to (hopefully) share the good news with them and perhaps offer some comforting words to those who have not quite achieved their dream grades.

celtiethree Mon 06-Aug-18 14:42:38

It’s results day in Scotland tomorrow two of my DC are waiting for results. They will get them by txt at 8:00 am as they have signed up for the service. If they hadn’t then they would need to wait for the postman. No going to school to collect. Does everyone in England have to go to their school or college?

FrameyMcFrame Mon 06-Aug-18 15:49:49

I waited outside while dd collected hers.

ReservoirDogs Mon 06-Aug-18 16:32:28

DS are emailed out between 6am and 6.30am.

Then the open from 10 am if you need to discuss remarks etc.

TheThirdOfHerName Mon 06-Aug-18 16:37:16

DS1 didn't want me to go in with him, so I waited in a café around the corner. Five minutes later I received a text from him to say he needed me and could I come in (results were better than expected and he wanted support in making the next steps happen).

It's best to be not too far away, yet also invisible.

Crocky Mon 06-Aug-18 16:45:32

Ds wanted a lift but I had to wait in the car. He wanted to chat about them as soon as he was out so I’m glad I was close.

Bobbybobbins Mon 06-Aug-18 16:52:33

At my school parents wait outside or in cars. We expect them to meet/sign up for A levels independently barring massive issues or SEN.

MarchingFrogs Mon 06-Aug-18 17:00:17

DS1 wasn't able to collect his GCSE results, so I did that for him - I was about the only parent actually in the hall, so I assume the done thing for parents there was not to go in. Picked him up later and whizzed round to enrol at his first choice of sixth form (another local grammar). Where it was probably a good thing that I did go in with him as they wanted all kinds of difficult information like who his GP wasshock. Last year was DD's turn - we all waited outside while the girls went in and got their envelopes, then so our case once again whizzed off to another school for her to enrol in its sixth form.
DS2 next year, back at DS1's original school. So far, he seems to be intending to stay put, so, results willing, this time we may be able to skip the 'whizzing off to a different sixth form' stage in the process...

NotEnoughTime Mon 06-Aug-18 17:00:51

Thanks everyone. Your replies are very helpful. I think I will take him and then hang around outside when he goes in to the building to collect them.

celtiethree Good luck to your two DC collecting results tomorrow-I hope they get what they need. I don't think you HAVE to collect your results in person in England (I think they can have their results e mailed/posted if you arrange it in advance) but I know my DS wants to.

Fingers crossed that everyone's DC are happy with their results smile

lljkk Mon 06-Aug-18 19:52:54

I can't remember what happened last yr, DH must have taken DD. Probably I'll take the teens this yr.

Witchend Mon 06-Aug-18 20:03:03

Dd1 said that she would go in, collect it and come straight out and I could drive away before she opened it. She said that right up to the moment she sent me a text from inside the school saying she was staying in to open it with friends. I was left outside texting "Results? What have you got?" and things at intervals. grin

I'm not sure if all schools are like this, but it sounded like a mass slaughter was going on inside from the screaming. I think the screaming signified delight. grin

goodbyestranger Mon 06-Aug-18 21:54:24

We have a very wide catchment too and on that basis, in my experience (lots of DC - on the last one now), almost all parents (well, one parent per DC usually) go in and lurk in the background or car park for GCSEs and far fewer - as in very few - go in for A Levels. I'm intending to do the lurking a way away thing for DD4 on the 23rd because that's what I did for the other seven DC.

NancyJoan Mon 06-Aug-18 21:59:31

At the school I work out, most parents come in. It’s a lovely day, usually.

nipersvest Mon 06-Aug-18 22:02:13

I'm going with DD but will wait outside, she wants to open the envelope on her own. As other have said, I need to be there in case we need to make an appointment to see someone at sixth form if there are any issues.

clary Mon 06-Aug-18 22:09:33

I didn't go in with either of mine.

Dd got hers last year and I was at my school (where I taught) giving out results when she rang me to tell me! She went in with some mates. I missed her call as I was so busy but then got hold of her. She screamed, I was in tears. All good 😀

At the school I worked in, a few people did bring mum, but only a very few, mostly people who wouldn't be teased if that makes sense ( not necessarily cool kids but more confident/bright ones).

We live v v near school btw so no need for a lift!

GoodHeavensNoImAChicken Mon 06-Aug-18 22:18:54

I didn’t want my parents there and only two people in my entire year was a bit strange having just them there. Many had been there since nursery so a lot of parents knew the school well but it was very much their child’s moment and we celebrated with friends and teachers first, then family.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 06-Aug-18 22:35:59

"Does everyone in England have to go to their school or college?"

DD's school will not under any circumstances email them or text them. The students have to go and collect them, give written permission for someone else to collect them for them or have them posted. No other options.

As her school is in a rural market town with most students quite scattered with no regular buses most parents take the day off work to take their children to school, then wait in the car park nervously for a text.

I will be doing this next Thursday for A level results. If DD does well I will go into school and kiss the teachers. Actually I won't, but I might go in and thank them.

celtiethree Mon 06-Aug-18 22:40:29

Good luck to everyone. At least for Scottish students the waiting is over tomorrow. I just have to wait for them to share the results - under no circumstances am I to wake DC2 up (strict instruction!).

MarchingFrogs Tue 07-Aug-18 09:44:32

At our DC's schools it's collect in person, authorise someone else in advance, or have results posted. I do have a memory that for one exam board for one set of results, DS1 was given the option of looking online, but since it was only the one board's results it didn't really matter that he managed to lose the login details as he still had to get the others somehow.
Students at all three schools we've been involved with (leaving and receiving) also have to enrol for sixth form on the day - possibly less of an issue if staying on at the same school, though.

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