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Ratchett Sun 05-Aug-18 12:15:01

Hi I am moving out of Purbrook where my son goes to Purbrook Jnr school, I am worried that living in the horndean/clanfield area he won't be able to go to Crookhorn college with his friends when the time comes

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French2019 Sun 05-Aug-18 12:19:23

You might be better off posting about this on one of the local

EduCated Sun 05-Aug-18 17:36:47

You need to look at the admissions criteria for the school you want and see whereabouts you would sit on those, and also find out (assuming the final criteria is distance) how far out the last offers were made for the last few years, to see how much of a chance you will have.

Ratchett Sun 05-Aug-18 22:11:53

Thank u for your advice, much appreciated

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