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Upton Hall entrance exam pass mark.

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admission Tue 31-Jul-18 18:37:51

It is not that easy to make a direct connection. Firstly practice papers done at home cannot relate to actual exam conditions with lots of other children taking the exam in the same hall.They can only give children an idea of the exams and what is involved. There are two exams taken on the same day with a gap between them. So that children are not disadvantaged because of their date of birth, in each case the score is adjusted to take account of each child’s exact age in years and months to determine a Standardised Age Score (SAS). The two test scores are then added together.
Those that get 236 or more are then deemed to have met the grammar school standard but saying that your daughter is getting 75% on a practice paper therefore is of grammar school standard is not directly possible.

SofiaCerano Tue 31-Jul-18 17:11:57

Hi new here 👋

I’m wondering if anyone knows the passmark for this entrance exam as a percentage. I know a pass is 236 and above, I’d just like to know as a percentage so I can work out how my DD is doing on her practice papers.
Thanks smile

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