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Chigwell uniform - 6th form

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frace Sun 29-Jul-18 18:28:33

My daughter is hoping to start in the 6th form at Chigwell School in September. We've looked at the uniform - business outfits. But I wanted to know what the girls in years 12/13 actually wear. How short/long are the skirts? What sort of shoes (flat or heels?). How strict is it (matching jacket and skirt/pencil skirts not flared?). Someone said everyone wore v. expensive designer stuff - is that true?
Any insider info is much appreciated!
Thank you.

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bicback Thu 02-Aug-18 00:04:06

Hi op ignore the comments about 'everyone wearing expensive designer stuff 😂😁 that's typical rubbish said by people that don't actually have a connection with the school (although there is an element of that there..). Dd is about to start year 11 so still in the standard skirt and blazer uniform so I've not got experience yet in what the older teens wear other than what i remember noticing (black looking smart jackets skirts with white shirts with black srnsible shoes. Skirts regular length ie not short. The new 6th form building is fab plus they recently finished building a lovely extension to the dinner hall. Hope all goes well

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