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A Level choices

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wonderwoman10 Wed 25-Jul-18 12:14:07

Am I alone in having a child who is still really uncertain about which subjects to take? Without knowing what she wants to do after A Levels her mind is blown! The big question right now is whether to take A Level Art as the GCSE has sucked her of all enthusiasm and creativity - So much work and so prescriptive! Advice anyone?

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TeenTimesTwo Wed 25-Jul-18 13:01:44

If she doesn't know what she wants to do then fall back to
- what does she enjoy
- what is she good at
- traditional subjects rather than new things.

So for example English, History, French was a staple at my school 35 years ago.
Or substitute Maths for one of the above (but only if getting a grade 7+).

Or if science minded Maths, Chemistry, plus one of Physics/Biology/Geography.

The aim is to keep options open as much as possible.

BubblesBuddy Wed 25-Jul-18 15:51:43

A level art is hard work but if you are good at art, then you do it! If she’s no longer keen due to her gcse experience, then it’s not for her. My DD much preferred A level art because it encompassed a wide variety of media. She even made clothes! You have to want it though!

So what else is she good at? No A level will be easy but they seem less hard work if you enjoy the subject. Try and include at least two facilitating subjects because they keep options open: so English, History, Geography, MFLs, all Sciences, Maths, (there may be others I have missed out) and then add one which compliments one of the others such as Art, Business Studies, Psychology, Economics, Politics etc.

Not everyone knows they want to be a Dr or a sculptor! You have to find a combination that you might enjoy and keeps doors open for degrees and careers.

catslife Wed 25-Jul-18 17:31:41

My dd has just taken an Art/Design type A level and it was more work than all hr other subjects. Spent most of her free periods in the Art room working but she enjoyed it so it was worth it.
You need to be really passionate about Art to take it for A level.
What does she like doing:
writing essays? English/History/Philosophy/RS
reading books? English
doing experiments - Science
taking photographs - Photography
Has she had any "taster" lessons in new subjects - dds sixth form offered this after GCSEs and it helped.

BackforGood Thu 26-Jul-18 23:14:37

No, you're not alone.
dd can't decide which of her 6th form offers to take up.
She has decided on 2 of her A levels, but has about 6 contenders for the 3rd (or 4th in one of the 6th forms)
It's driving me bonkers. I know it could all change on results day, but she needs to know what her choices are if all goes according to plan, IMO.
She is so indecisive though - you should see her trying to decide what to wear.....

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