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Chichester/Emsworth area secondary schools

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Dilemma1965 Sat 21-Jul-18 16:23:13

Hi all....I was wondering if any of you out there happen to be in the Chichester/ Emsworth area (on the borders but actually living in West Sussex). We are not really religious so I guess that rules out Bishops Luffa.

The secondary in the catchment area is Bourne Community College, but I really like the sound of Chichester High. Wondering what the chances are of getting a school not in catchment!

We haven't actually moved yet, son will be in Y6 this autumn and we have to choose pretty soon after that.

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Dilemma1965 Sun 22-Jul-18 08:59:52

We've been out of the UK travelling for Year 5, which is why we are a bit out of touch with the system!

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Smellylittleorange Wed 25-Jul-18 00:20:38

I think you may well find Chi High has places. The schools of choice in Chichester are Luffa and Free School. Chi high seems to be on the up which is pleasing as I always felt it got a raw deal in comparison to Luffa...when I was looking three years ago results were way above average for the girls school.

Dilemma1965 Wed 25-Jul-18 17:00:52

Thank you! I'm hoping Chi High will have a space as apparently they were slightly underscribed last year (it's joined with the boys school nown, with what looks like a fantastic head). Feel a bit hypocritical trying for Bishops Luffa!

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