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Feel like I am failing DD

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Snools33 Thu 19-Jul-18 20:39:42

We’ve just gotten my add end of year 7 school report and I have to be honest I’m hugely disappointed, she’s underachiving now all areas and comments like ‘doesn’t focus’ ‘seems to want to be the centre of attention’ Male
Me think she’s just not bothered. She’s alwaya struggled academically and has no thirst for learning or knowledge. I’ve tried classes outside of school, tried to help her myself, bought all the books and resources available. I’ve beem into school and asked for help too and the message just always seems to be ‘she’s needs to try harder’. There’s been no parents evenings throughout the year and only contact has been initiated by me. Her year group is small (50) which has led to friendship issues and one feel as has been very troubled all of this together seems to have overshadowed actual school work.
Does anyone have any advice about how to take things from here? I am not sure the school is meeting her needs but I think I need to make some changes at home too, I’m at a loss how to and what to do though.
On the plus side she’s quite sporty (although there’s no out of school sorts offer at the current school)

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Notcontent Thu 19-Jul-18 22:16:15

I am of the firm belief that unless a child has a specific issue that is building them back, most children can do quite well If they want to and have the right support. But obviously that can sometimes be hard to put into practice. Do you think she wants to do well? If so, could you try to spend a bit of time with her every evening, checking if she has revised for any tests that are coming up, etc?

Teaonthelawn Fri 20-Jul-18 09:17:20

I think you have two issues here. It is very unusual for a school not to have some form of parent/teacher consultation during year 7. It is also unusual for a school to have no extra curricular sporting opportunities. Also a year group of 50 students will limit her GCSE choices once she gets into Year 9/10. A small year group must also make it difficult to get teams together and offer a range of sports. Is this the right school?
If it is the right school/only school I think you should look to find something which motivates your daughter - perhaps a sports club outside school - where she can succeed.
I would look at making some changes now whilst she is at an age where she might listen to you and be willing to try some new things.

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