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OGAT Academies - any views?

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CauliflowerBalti Wed 18-Jul-18 22:31:02

Ah. Scratch that. ALL schools are supposed to uphold British Values. It's a DofE thing.

Christ. I mean. Yay.

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CauliflowerBalti Wed 18-Jul-18 22:09:33

My son is going into Y6 so we'll be applying for secondaries. Our catchment secondary is dire and the chances of getting into his preferred option are akin to a snowflake surviving in hell, so we are looking around.

All the schools locally are hopelessly oversubscribed. There's an OGAT Academy but something about the 'British Values' and the overt references to opposing radicalism and extremism make me twitch. They also reference tolerance and opposing hate. But it's... weird.

Anyone have any experience or opinions?

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