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Secondary schools good for sport?!

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Mumofboys30 Sun 15-Jul-18 19:01:05

Advice needed. My son currently goes to Independent School Letchworth ( St Christopher) we absolutely love the school and it’s nature, however my son is really good at sport and I’ve heard the Senior school don’t play competitive sport and are more focused on the arts - drama music etc. He is not particularly academic but we would like him to go to another independent that is good for sporty kids but also not focused on the academics as I think he would struggle! - preferably still in Herts or Beds! TIA

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roguedad Mon 16-Jul-18 11:24:36

OP - You might get some or better advice if you said what kind of sport your DS likes. In the independent sector there is massive variation as to what sort of thing is offered even among schools that are considered "sporty". For example, if your son likes swimming and athletics but not rugby then that would make a huge difference to the set of suitable schools and rule out a significant number. Not all schools offering rowing seriously as well.

Mumofboys30 Mon 16-Jul-18 18:21:23

Thanks for the advice - To be honest all sport is a big interest to him! Football and swimming In particular, also athletics! Rugby isn’t something he’s really had much experience with so not too sure, but really was looking at an all round - I don’t really know much about what schools offer sport wise so thank you I’ll bare that in mind!

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Zodlebud Mon 16-Jul-18 18:34:32

Have a look at Aldenham. Very different vibe to St Christopher’s but still quite relaxed. It’s not known for being particularly academic but good for an all round education.

Sport plays a big part of the school.

Haileybury and Berkhamsted are the two schools in the general area that instantly spring to mind for the sport side but from what you have said would be too academic.

St Columba’s might also be worth a look. Play a lot of sport but not particularly renowned for it. Great pastoral and seen as the school you go to if you don’t get into St Albans so academic pressures not huge.

They are all very much more traditional schools though.

Mumofboys30 Wed 18-Jul-18 07:05:58

Thank you! I have heard good things about Haileybury St albans and Bedford boys but as you said heard the academic side of it is high and that’s just not him! Will look at Aldenham thank you! Wondering if anyone has any experience wirh Sherrardswood!

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