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Early finish

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99withaflake Sun 15-Jul-18 12:11:23

My child's school will finish at 12.30 on the last day of term.

They gave us notice of this about a month ago. Some bus companies are able to collect the children early but some can't. The children that can't go home will be supervised in the hall until the end of the day. I am going to collect my child in my lunch hour as she doesn't want to stay in the hall as all her friends are going home.

This is the second time they have done this (they did it at Christmas).

Are they allowed to do this?

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dementedpixie Sun 15-Jul-18 12:20:28

Ours always finish at 1pm at the end of the school year.

TeenTimesTwo Sun 15-Jul-18 12:22:51

Ours always finishes at the start of lunch at Christmas, End Summer and also the day of the Open evening.
Loads of notice, and it is only 3 lessons 'lost' as they only have 1 lesson after lunch anyway.
They have put supervision in place for those who need it.
Non issue.

noblegiraffe Sun 15-Jul-18 14:21:11

They’re secondary kids. Ours would go around a closer-living mate’s house or get a bus into town and hang out there or something. We always finish early on the last day of term, no one has ever needed supervising in the hall.

DamsonGin Sun 15-Jul-18 14:27:01

Ours do too, I've taken the afternoon off (summer born sen, not quite as independent as others yet). Both he and I would be happy for him to be there the whole school day.

DamsonGin Sun 15-Jul-18 14:27:37

Should say yr7, might be okay next year but we'll see.

Wolfiefan Sun 15-Jul-18 14:29:21

What's your problem with it? That they are missing lessons or not providing you with childcare?
Every school o have ever worked at finishes early at Christmas and summer.

MaisyPops Sun 15-Jul-18 14:32:07

It's the norm to finish early on the last day at every school I've worked in.

Some finish after afternoon registration, others finish at 2ish (whenever the start of last lesson is).

After that, staff are usually in the staffroom doing things for staff who are leaving, notices for the first day and then we are free to leave.

RedSkyLastNight Sun 15-Jul-18 15:31:47

DC's school does this.No one stays at school. They hang out in the park or go to a friend's house. Not a big deal.

99withaflake Sun 15-Jul-18 15:51:47

My problem with it is that because of traffic I will just about make it back to work on time. It would actually be more convenient if she didn't go in at all but then school would phone up moaning about attendance.

They seem to want it both ways.

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ReadingRiot Sun 15-Jul-18 15:54:28

It's very common practice here, every Christmas and Summer. I often wonder how they "get away" with not providing the full 195day although I can't imagine it makes much differ ence to the amount of actual work done on the last day.

errorofjudgement Sun 15-Jul-18 15:54:31

I think it’s unusual not to have the school buses rearranged for an early finish, or do you mean it’s the public buses that are not rearranged?

TheThirdOfHerName Sun 15-Jul-18 15:57:26

My children's schools finish early on the last day of every term, but they are in a town with good public transport links.

My sons usually come straight home or go to a friend's house. My daughter usually uses the half-day to go shopping with friends and then gets a later bus home.

I can see that it would be trickier if there's no public bus service.

anotherangel2 Sun 15-Jul-18 15:57:47

Legally they need an AM and PM registration.

Secondary schools often close earlier to prevent behaviour problems.

Groovee Sun 15-Jul-18 16:00:21

Ours finish at 12 at Christmas and summer.

TheThirdOfHerName Sun 15-Jul-18 16:00:46

Secondary schools often close earlier to prevent behaviour problems.

And also so that the staff (including site staff) can tidy up and still finish at a reasonable time.

99withaflake Sun 15-Jul-18 16:19:51

She is year 7. Her primary school never finished early so I guess I'm not used to it.

Only certain bus routes are picking up early.

I guess if other schools are doing it then it's obviously allowed. I have always made her go to school on the last day but I will bear it in mind when I book our next holiday, I may get it cheaper and she would only miss a morning.

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Almondio Sun 15-Jul-18 16:22:19

Most schools do this. Our DCs either walk into town with friends or walk home. I appreciate this isn't always possible/convenient but then kids who have no other option could stay in school until normal pick-up.

RedSkyLastNight Sun 15-Jul-18 16:24:44

Just ask her to organise something with one of her friends. no reason for you to be rushing in and out from work.

AgentHannahWells Sun 15-Jul-18 16:25:38

Apparently ours do this so the staff can have an end of term party grin DS has allegedly seen the hall all set up so it must be true. Fair dos I say wine

His bus doesn't run earlier so he goes into town /park or to a nearby friend's.

bakedlikeabun Sun 15-Jul-18 16:26:52

This happened when i was at school too, in 2018 BC.

dementedpixie Sun 15-Jul-18 16:27:14

Our primary and secondary schools do it. Don't think dd (secondary) went in this year on the last day as there were so few pupils in the few days before. Ds was in for his last day as it was his last day of primary school ever

fleshmarketclose Sun 15-Jul-18 16:27:31

dd's school finish at 1pm but they have an agreement with the school buses to come early that day as well.

DeadCert Sun 15-Jul-18 16:31:15

Its fairly common practice, you're fortunate as they're saying they will keep the students that can't be collected. They mark them in after lunch and then release them. School isn't childcare, and they have given you ample notice. Also, with the pressure teachers are under, I'd fully support my kids teachers getting totally wankered at lunchtime on the last day of term, and I'm not a teacher.

SuperSuperSuper Sun 15-Jul-18 16:34:21

Secondary school age children don't need to be babysat obviously (SEN jonwithstanding) but I think that if the school is going to close early (fair enough) they should ensure that the school buses pick up early too. Kids in rural catchments may not have other means of transport and not all will have people to hang out with near school.

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