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Chartered Institute of Linguists new test in Year 10

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MrsSteptoe Fri 29-Jun-18 14:26:18

Anyone out there whose DS or DD did what was described to us as a new test by the Chartered Institute of Linguists recently? It was based on a sort of emergency situation, requiring the candidate to listen and communicate in whatever their GCSE MFL is (Spanish, in our case). Apparently the test is calibrated to ensure that any candidate capable of getting a 6 at GCSE should pass it, but DS said he found it really hard (admittedly, he did get a 6 for his Year 10 exam, but given that it's not GCSE yet, presumably he should be of the right standard).

We haven't had the results yet (it was only a couple of weeks ago) so possibly he has passed anyway, but more, I was curious if any other schools did it, and if anyone had any feedback on how hard it was, particularly since it's apparently a new test?

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