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King Edwards Whitley

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StrumpersPlunkett Thu 28-Jun-18 19:10:56

Does anyone know much about this school?
Looking at it as an option.

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StrumpersPlunkett Sat 30-Jun-18 23:58:16


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Fifthtimelucky Sun 01-Jul-18 08:47:31

Do you mean Witley in Surrey?

If so, I have no personal experience of it but live reasonably locally and know a couple of people whose children were there (none boarded).

1) children there from 11-16. Mother is happy with it as far as I know and I think is intending to send others. I don't know whether they leave at 16 for financial reasons, because they wanted A levels rather than IB, or for some other reason.

2) child was there for short period and was unhappy. I can't remember if they started at 11 or 13 but they didn't stay long.

I didn't consider it for my children for a number of reasons (the main ones being that I wanted a single sex school, and preferably a day school). In addition, it would have been out of my budget)!

I think there is quite a high proportion of international students, but I imagine that is probably true of most boarding schools.

If you don't mean Witley, please ignore all the above!

Kenlee Sun 01-Jul-18 09:19:36

My daughter is starting sixth form there ...It sounds OK and they now do A levels...Daughter says they said there is quite a lot of international students.

sazzy5 Mon 02-Jul-18 10:28:38

All the children I know there couldn't get into any of the academically selective schools and most of them had dyslexia (hence the issue with selective schools). All of the parents with children there seem to love the school and their kids are flourishing-which to me is the most important thing. None of the children I know are boarding there.

StrumpersPlunkett Wed 04-Jul-18 21:24:01

What is the teaching like? Does it have a strong head teacher/leadership team?

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