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Move up day-please hand hold

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Frogletmamma Wed 27-Jun-18 10:18:56

My DD is on her move up day and I am a bag of nerves. She is moving from a state primary to a selective (private) secondary. I'm sure she can academically punch her own weight but probably can't keep up in terms of ponies etc. I worry for her. Please advise

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BrownTurkey Wed 27-Jun-18 10:24:46

Bit late to worry about that now! Just support her while she settles in. There will be a range of incomes. Keep busy today and don't pounce on her when she gets home, let her chat about it when she wants to.

Halfsiblingsmadecontact Wed 27-Jun-18 10:39:13

She'll be fine. Agree about the range. My son and a friend are going to start boarding at two different public schools next year - neither family could afford the local independent day schools, but the big old names have deeper bursary pockets. They won't "keep up" with ponies and holidays and suchlike, but I'm confident both are going to thrive, find and hold their place amongst their peers. My eldest has been boarding for a while now and is respected for who she is and what she does, not what we as a family do or don't have.

I hope your daughter has a great day, a wonderful summer break, and really enjoys her new school when she starts.

Floottoot Wed 27-Jun-18 11:27:51

Both my children have moved from state to private in the last 2 years.
We are absolutely NOT well-off. Yes, there are hugely rich parents at both schools, but there are also plenty of parents who are working all hours and making various sacrifices to put their children through school.
Also, involvement with other parents is largely minimal, compared to primary school, especially if your children use the school bus.
She'll have a great time, don't worry.

user09876543211234567890 Wed 27-Jun-18 15:06:04

We've gone the other way - private to state - I'd rather I was in your shoes!

Private school feels so much nicer.

I feel sick at the thought of sending my DS to such a huge scruffy old school with a ginormous intake and full to bursting class sizes. He had his transition day today but didn't get a go at batting or bowling at cricket because with a class of 32 there wasn't enough time.

I'm currently regretting my choice. It's a toughie as my DH doesn't agree with private school, plus we can't really afford it.

Frogletmamma Wed 27-Jun-18 17:24:30

We couldn't afford full fees and I took full advantage of the second hand uniform sale (even bringing along rucksack). DD ate loads of cakes. She seems to have enjoyed her day and we have found out our dentists daughter is in the same class which is nice. Class sizes definitely a plus. She is a bit horrified by the homework which will go up from 1 hour per week (done in 10 mins if maths) to 6 hours! No-one mentioned ponies. They provided bottles of cold water for parents..for which after 40 mins on bus and 10 min walk I love them.

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crazycrofter Wed 27-Jun-18 17:32:46

Hi frogletmamma, I seem to think you might be in the same city as me although I might be wrong! Is the school next to a university? If so, my daughter is there and there’s no need to worry! Just make sure your dd has a few friends outside school to keep her grounded. Glad she had a good day anyway - wherever she is!

Frogletmamma Wed 27-Jun-18 17:36:37

Yes it is! She does ballet and scouts so will have some local friends. Also I saw an older girl travelling to 2 bus stops before us on way home. She already thinks she knows better than us so I dread to think what she will be like when she actually does.

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