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Year 7 workbooks

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Hotdoggy Sun 24-Jun-18 23:21:32

Yep, I saw the cop ones. I'll have a look fir the Letts ks3 too. Many thanks both

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rainingcatsanddog Sun 24-Jun-18 16:44:03

Our school recommends CGP

CramptonHodnet Sun 24-Jun-18 14:27:05

The CGP ones are very good. DD uses these (we are home educating and she's finding them very useful for explaining things clearly). They cover the KS3 syllabus in one book. And there are matching workbooks for extra questions/practice. The Letts English KS3 coursebook is also v good.

Hotdoggy Sun 24-Jun-18 12:16:30

Hi all, looking for recommendations for maths and English workbooks for year 7 age groups. Did pop into WHSmiths, but there's so many, was not sure.

Many thanks

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