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ACS School Cobham- What's it like?

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Tupacca Sun 17-Jun-18 09:53:53

I like the idea of an international school for my son aged 12. Does anyone have experience of ACS Cobham? I had read on an old Mumsnet thread that said the kids who aren't super wealthy are made to feel left out/get less attention(!) Anyone know what the culture is there?

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Tupacca Tue 11-Sep-18 15:16:16


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yougotanygrapes Tue 11-Sep-18 17:57:57

From experience....

Nice school, grounds and facilities are amazing.

Parents don't seem to fraternise with the help (nannies). Some very stuck up but I'm sure there are lots of nice ones too.

Tupacca Tue 11-Sep-18 18:24:01

Thank yougot! Do you know anything about how it is educationally? or how friendly the kids are to each other?

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yougotanygrapes Tue 11-Sep-18 18:37:57

The older kids seem lovely. Very polite. Educationally- I've heard all good things. Facilities are fab if your little one is sporty.

Caddyshack Tue 11-Sep-18 18:45:04

With any international school keep in mind that the 25-30% of the population turns over each year, so kids tend to have to say goodbye to friends each summer. All 3 of mine went to another international school when we first moved to the UK and this was one of the toughest things.

Two of mine have since moved to English schools for various reasons so take that for what it's worth...

ksb76 Wed 12-Sep-18 00:29:34

My two have been at other international schools around the world, and what we have found is that as the poster above has indicated, there can be a huge turnover each year which can make friendships quite hard. For the teaching staff, this also means that there is no long term gratification - the students you have in year 7 and 8 are unlikely to still be with you all the way to years 12 and 13, hence you don't see the eventual results, and we have found that they are relatively uninvested in each individual child.

OlennasWimple Wed 12-Sep-18 18:29:05

Are most students (and staff) at ACS American, or is there more of a mix of international backgrounds?

yougotanygrapes Wed 12-Sep-18 18:42:10

I would say mostly American. Staff and pupils.

Tupacca Wed 12-Sep-18 20:01:40

Thank you everyone. Has anyone got children at ACS or had in the past? It is worrying the high turnover. Might mean people are more welcoming/friendly as they know what it's like to be the new kid. But academically I don't know how well they do .

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Tupacca Thu 13-Sep-18 18:47:57


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Tupacca Thu 13-Sep-18 20:09:00


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Caddyshack Thu 13-Sep-18 20:46:13

The turnover isn't worrying, it's quite normal for a school that serves an expat (transient) population. I'm sure they post their results on the school website... best to dig in there. It's not a British curriculum school so of course no GCSEs etc

Caddyshack Thu 13-Sep-18 20:49:14

Tupacca Thu 13-Sep-18 21:11:30

I just meant it was worrying in terms of my child losing friends. I want to find a couple of current parents there to ask them what the atmosphere of the school is like.

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Tupacca Sat 15-Sep-18 15:50:43


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Tupacca Sun 16-Sep-18 18:59:46


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Tupacca Mon 17-Sep-18 18:02:19


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Tupacca Sat 22-Sep-18 21:34:00


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THEsonofaBITCH Mon 24-Sep-18 14:53:56

I can only say we considered it but the turnover we were advised is 1/3 of the class every year with near total turnover every 3 years so if you are planning on staying more than 2 years kids will have had to make whole new group of friends. As we were looking at 5+ years we went with UK schools for stability

Montaguesmum Thu 04-Jul-19 10:18:17

If you need more info, message me privately. Realise this is late but for anyone else who finds this thread.

I've had kids at Cobham for 11 years. Yes high turnover - my eldest finished her education there and only a 1/3 of her graduating class had started in Year 10 (9th grade - ie the HS. Less than 10 had been there in primary years.. Increasing amounts of permanent families but movement is still an issue.

Cobham currently going through lots of transition staff wise and in terms of direction. There are both good and bad points to the school - as with any school.

BTW we're a dual US/UK family, permanently residing here in the UK.

banker100 Mon 30-Sep-19 14:47:19

hi- can we please discuss it offline? I am really interested in this school for both of my children, went to see the facility and met with some teachers, so far it is great, but I am sure there is more behind the scenes!!!

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