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GCSE Summer schools (covering English lit)

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toooldtocare Fri 15-Jun-18 18:40:35

Today has finally brought it home that we're going to need to support DS with English to get through next year's exams. We're looking at the option of intensive support over the summer to kick start the extra work he'll need to do next year.

Has anyone else used a summer school?

I can find very limited options on line, and I can't work out whether they are worth the expense. We have used tutors historically, and he struggles with online resources (they haven't had any impact this term) so I am looking at what else is out there.

Thanks in advance.

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RhythmStix Sun 17-Jun-18 08:26:15

Whereabouts do you live? In my experience Summer schools are not very good; they merely go through past papers which the school will already have done with your dc. What is your objection to a tutor - if they are a proper Eng lit specialist?

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