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School decision upto 18 - need help

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oliv34 Sun 10-Jun-18 19:02:42

Hi we are coming back to the UK after 7 years overseas. Our DS is 9 years old (will be Y5 next Sept). We are relatively flexible with the area- Chiswick, Twickenham, Richmond and Beaconsfield are all good distance to work (near Heathrow). We are looking for a school that goes up to 18 so do not have to go through all that pressure at 11. We are a bit clueless re the schools.

We went to Radnor House in Twickenham. It looks good but have no idea what to compare with. We are running out of time and advise from experienced parents will be much appreciated. Good academically but also inclusive encouraging creative thinking are our criteria. Would Radnor House fit that? or any other school? Thank you!

Mary19 Sun 10-Jun-18 19:32:55

For through schools you have
Hampton Prep/Hampton
Latymer Upper
KewGreen/Kew House
Claremont Fan Court
St Benedicts Ealing
Hampton Court House
St George Weybridge
They certainly don’t all have guaranteed entry to their senior school where as Radnor does.
The other option would be to go somewhere like Newland House and change at 13
Don’t know Beaconsfield

Sunshine5050 Sun 10-Jun-18 20:59:53

If you could bear the commute to Hammersmith you should look at St James's School, the Prep is in Hammersmith and the senior school in Ashford so near Heathrow. It's a good contrast to Radnor House as the senior is all boys & it has lots of space. (The St. James's Prep boys was originally in the site now used by Radnor House in Twick). Otherwise ring Kew Green Prep & see if they have space, they feed to Kew House.

Zodlebud Sun 10-Jun-18 21:00:52

Berkhamsted School is a popular school with those wanting co-ed but living in Beaconsfield. There’s a direct school bus.

ksb76 Sun 10-Jun-18 22:44:57

Kingswood / Thorpe House in GX also offers through to 16, so may be a consideration if you want to get him a long settled stretch and then consider moving for 6th form, by which time he may be ready to move anyway (Y5 to Y11 in one school is probably enough). Small, but recent reports from friends are that boys very happy there.

oliv34 Wed 13-Jun-18 21:55:11

Thank you all very much. Going through the names provided and searching. I take nobody has experience or knowledge about Radnor House Twickenham.

Many thanks once again.

MillicentMargaretAmanda Thu 14-Jun-18 09:56:13

If you want specific information about Radnor I believe there are several threads you can find using search, or start a new one with Radnor in the title. People with knowledge may not necessarily see a thread with a more general title like this.

oliv34 Thu 14-Jun-18 12:15:44

Thank you🙏

hopesanddreams444 Fri 15-Jun-18 16:16:08

Hi oliv34
Just seen your post. My 2 children are at Radnor and have been all the way through the junior school. It is a fantastic environment where all children are encouraged and pushed to reach their full potential. It has a mixed intake but high achieving academic children do really well here - achieving top marks across the board for their GCSEs. The only difference is that it is not an academic hothouse and other strengths are also valued. Pastoral care is excellent and the new Head has huge experience and committed to making the school even better. Both my children are happy here and are thriving academically. It's a solid choice and entering at Y5 is a sensible move so your child can actually enjoy being in the junior school without the pressure of 11+ exams.
I hope that helps.

oliv34 Fri 15-Jun-18 17:48:54

Dear hopesanddreams444

Thank you so much. Your experience is very valuable. Fully appreciate the advice.

TheNewbie69 Thu 21-Jun-18 00:31:20

I’ve been reading so many pro’s and con’s to Radnor I’m feeling extremely torn. I can’t get my head round why their GCSE results have been so poor (bottom of the LBRUT last year) and their attainment 8 is poor too, unless there’s something I’m missing. We have a bright 8 year old who might be offered a place. He’s in no way a genius, just a lovely kid that will probably do well wherever he goes. We are however concerned that he’s not fulfilling his potential where he is and would like to avoid a ‘hot house’ envirmoment. He loved the school, as did we, and think he’d do well there but I can’t seem to justify the fee’s based on their current and previous years GCSE/A-level results. Can anyone shed any light?? Much appreciated 😊

oliv34 Thu 21-Jun-18 08:45:27

Hi Newbie

I wasnt aware if the GCSE scores, thank you for raising it. I second that question. We are also torn in between decisions. Advice will be much appreciated.
Thank you

TheNewbie69 Thu 21-Jun-18 11:44:57

I think it’s a question for the head to answer and give clarity around it. Some of it will be legacy related but I’m not sure that it can account for all of it.

Avebury Thu 21-Jun-18 11:51:04

I have heard that staff are lovely and enthusiastic but young and inexperienced and with high turnover so possibly that might have something to do with poor results. Also the fact that they aren't particularly selective.
But this is all just hearsay so possibly not helpful at all.

TheNewbie69 Thu 21-Jun-18 12:17:10

I’m aware that was the case in the early years but had heard it was a lot more stable now.
Really interested to hear from any parents whose children are already attending and how they feel.
Trying to weigh up if it’s a great environment for kids who need a lot more nurture and are middle of the road accedmic wise who are fortunate enough for parents to pay fees, or if there is also a good range of above average kids excelling there with parents who think it’s worth the financial sacrifice for the best all round experience and education.

HunnyBunnyAug09 Thu 21-Jun-18 13:04:36

Hi Newbie,
I replied to your PM. It's a tough decision... what are your other options?
I recommend asking for an appointment with the Head. We did and he was v helpful and transparent.
Fees are a huge bother for us too, but at the end of the day we thought it's all worth it.

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