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Secondary schools in Shropshire for academic & musical DD

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sophiebeth Sun 10-Jun-18 17:37:55

Any MNers with kids at Shropshire secondaries, I'm looking to move to Shropshire area with DD who will be yr8 in Sept. She is very able academically and also a good musician, so I'm looking for a secondary which would encourage her to reach her academic potential, where kids don't get bullied for being smart or a bit different and preferably with good music, although I know you can't have everything and first two requirements are the priority. Can't afford private and daughter has so far refused to take entrance exams (more as a rebellion against me than because she has a problem with exams themselves). I'd really appreciate your recommendations and also where to avoid!

RueDeWakening Mon 11-Jun-18 22:00:42

If she won't go for Newport Girls, then try Idsall in Shifnal. It's very popular though.

sophiebeth Tue 12-Jun-18 11:20:41

Thanks. I'm looking to buy around Oswestry so Idsall seems a bit far away. Am now considering private if I can get a bursary and Adcote seems lovely from the website, although school websites are suppose to give that impression, aren't they?! Anyone know anything about Adcote?

RueDeWakening Tue 12-Jun-18 14:08:50

I had the wrong end of the county then, sorry grin

MyKingdomForBrie Tue 12-Jun-18 14:10:52

Oh I came on to say Newport Girls High too! Shrewsbury if you can maybe head a bit east?

sophiebeth Tue 12-Jun-18 17:24:39

Yeah, I've heard good things about Newport Girls. However, my house buying budget is limited and can get nicer house for less in Oswestry direction so bit of a trek to Newport from there (am working single mum so want transport to and from school to be easy for DD).
Does anyone on here have any experience of Adcote School? Have seen it mentioned positively in a couple of other MN threads but no details. I'm going to look into applying for a bursary and visit the place but it would be good to get some insider info beforehand. For example, is it the kind of private school where you'd feel left out if you didn't come from a family that was loaded, or is there a healthy proportion of girls from more modest backgrounds there, iykwim?

dottycat123 Tue 12-Jun-18 20:33:18

I live in Shropshire, Adcote has local girls not from super rich families, considered a nice smallish private school but not for the very academic. There has been a big overseas recruitment in recent years which may change things.
Unless you know you are going private then I would avoid the local secondary schools in Oswestry and locate somewhere else. Church Stretton school has a good reputation and fairly large rural catchment. The Priory school in Shrewsbury is fairly small and has very good results but narrow catchment and oversubscribed. Other private schools near Oswestry are Oswestry school and Ellesmere college, both co ed and bigger. Moreton Hall also close by, expensive but may offer more in way of bursary, music good there.

sophiebeth Tue 12-Jun-18 21:20:28

Ah, thanks for your replies. Unfortunately, this situation has taken a nosedive as DD absolutely refusing to move away from Hereford (where we currently live) or to change schools. Says if I make her take an entrance exam she'll deliberately fail it and if I move away from Hereford she'll move in with my mother (who currently lives with us but I am finally getting somewhere separate as that is a toxic situation and not good for DD or me). I've told her that once she is 18, she gets to do what she wants, but until then, as her parent, I get to decide where we live and I'm responsible for decisions about her education. She has done some Googling and thinks once she's 12 she can decide to live with my mum if she chooses and I can't stop her. Others will say an 11 year old doesn't get to dictate to their parent but it is a very hard situation when she is throwing things at me, deliberately disturbing my sleep, trying to trip me up when I'm limping around with a slipped disc plus my mother is telling me in front of her that I shouldn't move away from Hereford either. Me and DP who live 60 miles apart want to live nearer each other and both want to live in Shropshire and I want to move away from Hereford to get some healthy distance from my mum who has no respect for my boundaries and undermines me in front of DD. I guess this now belongs on another thread...

Pythonesque Wed 13-Jun-18 09:26:26

Sounds like - seriously - considering somewhere where she could do weekly boarding might actually be good for her to start to sort this situation out. And sometimes the boarding schools are the ones more likely to have decent bursaries.

Magri65 Sat 04-Aug-18 00:39:17

Hello Sophie - Sorry your Mom does not know any better. Unfortunately, for as much as we would like to change them, some people just never change and the earlier you get away from them, the better. Doubly glad you are starting a new chapter! Adcote, Moreton Hall, Church Stretton appear to be good options.

Having gone through that healthy rebellion shock, smart kids are smart and cool, and they care about their future. Sometimes having a good talk, just the two of you, planned in advance brew cake, to redirect their rebellion, works wonder. The gist:
- I want what is best for you. You are starting rebelling now. I am happy you are fighting because you will become strong and independent. I want you to be that. But this is misdirected on topics that you are not yet able to fully understand. Trust me. If you want to fight me, colour your hair blue or green. It will last five years, I will hate it -you cannot start imagining how much- but it will not compromise your future life and happiness. wink

Best of luck with your homework, looking at options. Exciting, love beats all, keep us up-to-date blush

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