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Year 10 - revision, exam prep, etc

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athingthateveryoneneeds Thu 07-Jun-18 23:18:27

My PFB is in year 10 and she has end of year exams coming up.

She has recently been diagnosed with autism, and all of her previous behaviours have been thrown into much more focus, shall we say...

But she's still capable of attending mainstream school, she's bright and can be successful when she sets her mind to something. She's achieved some amazing things so far in life, but they aren't quantifiable or measurable like an exam would be.

I am trying to get her into the habit to revise; she'll make all the right noises, she seems like she's amenable to getting started, but when the time comes to get cracking she refuses to do it.

Tonight I lost my patience with her when she refused to look at some maths with me or finish her art homework, and I'm starting to get really worried that she's going to fluff her GCSEs entirely.

I know this issue is complicated by the ASD, but for anyone who has managed to get their DC into the routine of revising regularly I'd love some tips? Her work ethic is appalling, and unfortunately punishments don't actually equal doing the homework, she'll just sulk for hours instead. confused

I'm frustrated and worried.

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Trumpetboysmum Fri 08-Jun-18 06:42:19

Tricky . Can you get school to help ? Sometimes children with asd find it difficult to work at home because they associate school work with school, and home for doing other stuff . Maybe school run a homework club or revision sessions that she could attend ?
School might also have access to specialist advice or a support service. They will have many more ideas I'm sure but I think a very clear homework/ revision plan that's short ( at first at least) and very specific so it actually says what tasks / specific questions need to be completed , with lots of breaks built in should help. Good luck smile

athingthateveryoneneeds Fri 08-Jun-18 06:49:23

Thanks, I appreciate the ideas. I'll have a word with the school about homework clubs and we can definitely make a revision timetable for home that's more specific. That will help, I think!

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Soursprout Fri 08-Jun-18 06:51:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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