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LRGS Anyone?

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Ihopeyourcakeisshit Tue 15-May-18 17:55:51

Anybody have a dc here?
It's going co-ed in 6th form and my niece is thinking of applying, would appreciate any feedback on the school.

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Mumski45 Tue 15-May-18 23:42:11

I have a DS in year 7 but don't know much about 6th form. Happy to answer any questions if I can.

pacer142 Wed 16-May-18 11:21:58

I've a son in year 11 who's been there since year 7 so just coming up to five years. He's really enjoyed his time there and has had few problems. The school is very strong on maths and sciences but weak on English and History in comparison to LRGS. Despite a lot of emphasis on sport, particularly rugby, it's not really a "rough & tumble" kind of school you may expect from a boys' school. There's been a lot of effort put in over recent years to improve the pastoral care so it's been good for a "swot/nerd" kind of child like my son who's not interested in the sports side of things.

Having said all that, I think your DD would need to have a very strong personality/character to be one of the first girls to be admitted, especially if relatively few girls apply in the first year - she could be 1 of only a handful if there isn't much interest - the usual sixth form intake from outside is usually pretty small, maybe 30-40 in total. It's bound to be a culture shock for both pupils and staff as they adapt to the first intake of girls. Some depts are male-dominated in terms of staff, such as Maths, physics, history and english, which also have a fair few "older" teachers who may not be quite so adaptable to female students. My son, who is quiet/shy does better with the younger and female teachers than the "old school" older male teachers.

So, really it depends on your DD's personality, whether she's adaptable to a challenge, and the subjects she wants to take at A level. If she wants to do English/History she may be better at LGGS, but if she's looking at Maths/Sciences, then LRGS may suit her better.

As my son had no interest in the arts, drama, music, etc., I can't comment on how LRGS compares with LGGS at all.

pacer142 Wed 16-May-18 11:22:36

I meant in comparison to LGGS in the first para.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Thu 17-May-18 09:43:38

Thanks both.
Pacer Is it still only going to be a small intake from outside
Even with the inclusion of girls from next year?
I had wondered if they had secured extra funding for more places.
Do you know if they are usually oversubscribed?
Sorry I have loads of questions and it all night be too embryonic for you to know much at this stage. I'm happy to read about the pastoral care improvements. As far as subjects go i think languages will be the direction.

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LancasterRoyalGS1472 Thu 17-May-18 10:40:22

Hello, we are delighted that you are considering Sixth Form at LRGS!

All the more exciting for those joining in 2019 when we will be welcoming girls and boys.

To answer the main point mentioned above, we have 60 places available in total for external applicants (out of 350 places overall).

The best way to find out more is to come and meet us and have a tour around. It would be great if you could give us a call and we can organise this for you. Please phone the main school switchboard on 01524 580600 and ask our receptionist Angie to put you through to our Head of Sixth Form, Sarah Haigh.

We also have an Open Evening in October (date tbc) and lots of information on our website: and on Twitter @LRGSLancaster use #LRGSSixthForm for specific news on what our current Sixth Formers have been up to and there's also our Facebook page:

I hope this helps!

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