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Secondary school appeal - what was said

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Sarah1290 Sat 12-May-18 21:30:02

Hi all
I was wondering if you could help

Yesterday I attended a secondary school appeal.

The main reason my son was not given a place was because I had not ticked a box stating I wanted a same sex school. I can’t for the life of me remember seeing the box but looking back nowhere does it state that if you don’t tick this box any preferences you make for single sex school will be discounted.

I went to pieces in the appeal. Now I have quite a difficult job where sometimes I may have to stand in front of a judge and provide evidence -but school appeals are far more traumatic. BRUTAL even confused

It started off well.
However one member of the panel asked me whether this school was my first choice. IT wasn’t , I answered honestly but asked if her question had relavance and would it be detrimental to my case.

She stated it was “ just out of interest” and “wouldn't affect anything”

She then proceeded to tell me she would be on the panel of my first choice appeal on Tuesday. This lady appeared quite smug as she said this or maybe that was just my impression.

But now I’m worried, really worried. Why did she ask that question if wouldn’t affect my case.
Why did she state it was Out of interest. Who’s interest?
Did she not have my application in front of her, then why ask when it’s beneath her nose.

She stated I’ll see you at your next appeal ..why ?

Someone please help- I feel her responses were odd. I’m concerned that she should not be at my next appeal.

I have looked on the letters and she is defibetely on the oabelfor both

The headmaster spoke at the start. No one else really spoke apart from this lady

It is an academy school, does anyone know the process of complaining about an appeal thats happened.

ThAnk you in ad advance

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