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Secondary Schools in Tunbridge Wells / Tonbridge

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McGooo Sat 12-May-18 19:56:56

Hello. I am looking for advice on non-selective schools in T/Wells and Tonbridge, particularly Hillview and Skinners Kent Academy and what support they have for dyslexic children.


Rickx Sun 27-May-18 09:53:35

Hi, my two children have attended Skinners Kent Academy which is a rapidly improving school. My daughter then went to 6th form in TGs which is one of the super-selective grammars. We have also looked at Hillview. SKA has a good level of support for the many children it takes who have any of the range of learning difficulties and I would think that Hillview does too. However Hillview is a specialist performing arts school, so if your child is that way inclined then it might be a good choice. Otherwise in terms of education and teaching, personally I would lean towards SKA
Good luck with your choice!

Enko Sun 27-May-18 20:51:44

SKA is getting a good reputation and is doing very well.. DS has friends there who loves it and is flourishing.

Hillview friends children there are loving it but are very into the performing arts part of the school her dyslexia is getting support and she is staying there for 6th form.

Have you considered
Bennett Memorial? Tunbridge Wells Amazing for dyslexia support (currently have a child there can not fault the school)

Trinity in Sevenoaks? I also hear good things about for support (no close friends with children there)

St Gregory's Tunbridge Wells Friends dd is thriving there and says she finally feels her dyslexia is being understood.

McGooo Sun 27-May-18 22:22:42

Thanks so much. As we aren't religious Bennett and St Gregs are out and I have a good friend with a dyslexic daughter at Trinity and the support has been poor.

Another round of school visits before we need to decide!

Enko Mon 28-May-18 00:51:05

I would stay clear of Knole academy I know 8 children who have been moved from there over the last 6 years.

Personally not keen on High Cristie either

There is Mascall’s School in Paddock Woods but I dont know much about it.

There is Hadlow I dont know much about it as we are other side of T Wells so it really is to far for us. We went to visit for school visits the year it had opened and I will admit it was a bit of a shambles at that time. However the school has now been around for a few years so I hope they have got things better together . (When we visited it was the first year they were open and they had just been told they were not getting the planning permission they had applied for)

Will you be close enough to go for some of the Surrey/Sussex schools ? As they without the grammar schools have a completely different school possibility . Will admit I do not envy you it is such a hard part if the grammar schools are not a possible choice.

SKA likely would be my first choice out of what is available. if Bennett and St Gregs are not possible.

greenlanes Mon 28-May-18 01:06:16

My DC is at a specialist dyslexic school out of this area but I know the schools. I looked at hugh Christie 2 years ago and would have been very happy with the provision. They seemed clued up on offering dyslexic support with the more academic subjects eg triple science. They are , imo, a small secondary school at approx 750 pupils. So that might suit if your DC is also anxious.

Wrotham offer great support as well but perhaps for more general Sen rather than dyslexia.

The schools previously mentioned that I was the most unimpressed by was Hadlow. It was clearly set up to offer a vocational path, whilst offering academic quals, I spoke to the Senco about my DC and their needs. She said they wouldn't be able to cope. She has never met my DC nor seen any reports and sounded ill equipped to cope. The vocational kept being changed. I am not sure that they are delivering what was initially promised to the local community.

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