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Shrewsbury High School

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user1483972886 Fri 21-Dec-18 09:17:08

Hello. This may be too late for you... we have DC1 in the prep school of SHS so are very interested in your question. The prep school is excellent so far and our child is very happy.
According to the results the high school does well at GCSE but somehow the wheels fall off at A level. I do not know why this is.. I don't know if the bright ones leave and go elsewhere.. if so where?
The last head didn't seem popular and has been replaced this September. So hopefully things will pick up. The most academic school in shops hire is Concord College.

WhiteVanMan Fri 11-May-18 16:10:57

DD thinking of a career in medicine. We are thinking of possibility of sending her to Shrewsbury High School for Year 10/11 to help her to achieve this goal.

Does anyone have any knowledge about Shrewsbury High School? Is it any good? We don' t have any personal experience of independent education at all so don't know anyone who goes there.

Thanks for any advice.

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