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wychwood school, oxford.

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1805 Thu 10-May-18 16:21:48

Going to look round next week.
DD currently in y8 and not doing well. She doesn't like school and finds it boring. She doesn't always go. She has ASD but hides it very well at school.
I think we need a v small school where the teachers actually get to know dd. She's a bit quirky, likes musical theatre/drama and secretly quite bright. Flexi boarding is something that would be beneficial to her too I think.
WW seems to tick all the boxes in theory. Does it really do all this in reality?

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Myrtille Wed 16-May-18 23:55:57

Yes, it is a great school. Talk to the head and trust her judgement.
It is a very small school and is just what some children need.

Newme2016 Tue 29-May-18 23:21:47


We have spoken before about Wychwood when we were trying to decide on the right school for her. We ended up at Wychwood, best decision we ever made.

My daughter is now a confident young lady. She was asked today if she enjoyed school, and it was a definite yes.

What school is she at now, if you don’t mind saying?

Did you go and look around again and get a chance to speak to the Head? Have you got any other questions I could help with?

It is still a very small school, but it is definitely what my daughter needs.

1805 Sun 03-Jun-18 15:55:23

Newme2016 - thats great to hear. Can I PM you some detailed Q's please?

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Newme2016 Sun 03-Jun-18 16:52:07

Of course!

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