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New year 7 appeal

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mochibun Fri 04-May-18 18:36:27

Hi. I recently had my first experience of an in year appeal in year 7, and it all went wrong. Despite my evidence and son’s bullying, school not helping with his sen needs (awaiting asd diagnosis), and then not running at full capacity, they decided it was a no, as they didn’t have the funds and they don’t have space. The deputy head who was there never looked my way once and left after the first session, which I found rude anyway, which the panel had said at the time was concerning, as they had more questions. (Note I am still considering about my son too. I do wonder if he gets diagnosis soon they would look again? He’s due to be seen in June by paediatrician).

I’m now wondering about my daughter’s Upcoming appeal for new year 7. The date for it is June/July and I don’t even know if I have a chance now. PAN is 216, and they’re currently doing a check to see if any new allocations can go out in round 2, due in next week or so. They did 224 last year, at my appeal they said they stretched as ‘we are a school open to all.’ They have admitted although not publicly published, it will be 224 again this year. I have this in writing too.

Her reasons for appeal are:-

Emotional bullying at last school. She is now in the feeder school for this secondary school and has lots of friends she’d be devastated to lose. Her head currently supports this and has written in a letter saying so. A GP letter has gone in too, also backing up her emotional well-being would be affected if she didn’t get in

School is specialist drama, she does the same drama club as what’s in her primary school and it carries on in secondary. She also recently performed at a concert where this school does too. She adores drama and wants to act in the future.

We are moving into area and house going on market in next few weeks. Problem is that due to my son not getting in on an in year appeal, I don’t know if she has any more of a chance, and I just worry that the same panel would look at me, know what I may say and immediately not find in my favour?

Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks

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admission Fri 04-May-18 21:18:27

It might or might not be the same panel. The same panel will definitely hear all the block appeals for year 7 but for an in-year appeal they would probably use a different panel. If when the admission authority send you all the information about the next appeal and it is the same admission panel, then I would hope that the panel will not be at all influenced by the previous appeal. It certainly should not form any part of the decision made.
I am also concerned by your comments on the appeal that you have had. Firstly if the panel still had questions for the deputy head then he should never have been allowed to leave. If the panel's questions were not answered by somebody else to their satisfaction then the appeal should have been adjourned until the questions could be answered. I am also shocked that finance seems to have been a salient point as to whether the pupil can be admitted, that simply should not happen. It is perfectly reasonable for the school to say that they as a school have financial issues but to tie it to the one appeal is wrong in my opinion

mochibun Fri 04-May-18 22:16:40

Tbh I wasn’t impressed with the deputy and his vanishing act, as his assistant didn’t have many answers to the panel’s questions anyway. I was annoyed they were meant to call me with a reply to my appeal, but didn’t, so I called them, and they just said that they didn’t have the funds or space for even one more. At that point, I admit that I shut off and then I remember him saying the letter in the post would explain in more detail.

They did ask if I had other children and of course I had to say I had my year 6 daughter. They asked what school she got and I had to be honest but then say she was waiting a place at their secondary school. They asked which primary she was at and seemed surprised it was a feeder one. I did say this appeal wasn’t about her, but the school admission assistant kept asking. I hope nothing bad comes of it.

I don’t think I can do anymore for his appeal unfortunately, so am having to look elsewhere. In the meantime, my daughter is adamant she wants this school and wants me to still try the appeal or at least see if she gets a space in the next round. I just wonder if in year appeals are harder than normal appeals or if the fact I know they will take another 8 would help me?

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