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Accept Radnor House TW 9+ or wait for 11+

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Ami01 Fri 04-May-18 08:47:39

Hi all - I know lots of topics on this school but we are just really confused and looking for some opinions especially since reading the Radnor house thread in March. So our DS (9) has a 9+ offer at Radnor for sep, he was on waiting list but moved up (they claim it was super competitive this year and 9+ only has 20 places and is in way a unique entry point. Regarding our DS hes a smart boy but a boy i.e. concentration can drift easily, however has strong Maths and Science, lacks patience for English. To add we are moving back from abroad this year, so alternatively he can go to a 11+ prep (SPS or Mall, he has Staines, but Mall is going to assess in June). Younger DS is naturally more academic and going to Mall in September Yr2.

We are confused about accepting Radnor and then allowing him stability to go through all the way and avoid the 11+ but wondering if 11+ might be better to allow him more options and potentially maybe a more academic secondary private or Tiffins.

Not sure if others have had any similar experience or choices to make?

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montenotte Fri 04-May-18 11:42:01

Hmmm tricky, I don't have an opinion on Radnor House but if you're not sure how about looking at Newland House or Twickenham Prep which go to 13+, might give him a bit of stability for the next few years.

You can always try Kingston Grammar & Tiffin for 11+ and see how he gets on, or aim for 13+ at Hampton / Reeds / St Georges

montenotte Fri 04-May-18 11:42:43

ps you have to be "very naturally academic" and very hardworking to aim for Tiffin...

Sunshine5050 Fri 04-May-18 13:57:37

I would have your ds assessed by The Mall as soon as possible and in the mean time put the place at Radnor House on hold as long as you don't become liable for a terms fees or lose your place. The Mall can advise at this point re the level of secondary school that would be suitable at 11. Avoid 13plus as each year the secondary schools are allocating fewer spaces and the competition from the Prep school ds increases. Having both ds at the same school would be easier for you but you will have to start visiting secondary schools this Autumn. If you go for Radnor you can let your ds settle into school life without the pressure of prepping for 11plus entrance exams (it's a brutal process regardless of your dc's ability/Prep school).

Ami01 Fri 04-May-18 14:46:22

Thanks all for the pointers, helpful at yr 5 most schools are full, luckily something has come up at Mall and Staines. We do get the whole better to avoid 11+ stress if possible and that is where Radnor has an advantage.

However as we are moving, the flip side to the stability is the opportunity to look at the other schools for secondary and get him back into the UK system to give his best shot for what might be a better natural fit for him.

The opportunity to hold a place is a good one, we can always request, i think we will get the usual that this may get taken up but I think worth a try. We move back in mid June, Mall test scheduled then. (Boys have been at international British School abroad so should be able to settle in without too much trouble).

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HunnyBunnyAug09 Fri 04-May-18 23:30:28

Hi Ami
We have an offer too at Radnor for the 9+. We're impressed with the school and so will probably take it up. Feel free to DM me if you want to chat

Dontblameitontheboogie Sat 05-May-18 03:11:40

I'd personally look at a prep school (Staines or Mall) to open up more possibilities. The Mall is changing to 11+ only but that still allows you to try for KCS/Hampton/Kingston Grammar/Reed's/St Georges, which are all in a different league to Radnor. You can still have Radnor (and St James, Claremont, Halliford...) as a backup.

Can you maybe ask Radnor whether you can defer the offered place to 11+? That way you'd show that you're still interested, but would prefer a prep school environment for your son for the next couple of years, so keeping the door open - and meanwhile you can explore whether slightly more established, academic schools might be an option?

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