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Is King Alfred good for SEN?

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rad80 Sun 29-Apr-18 23:12:34

Hiya, we are thinking of sending our DS to King Alfred School in Golders Green for secondary. It seems like a caring, warm environment but he has special ed needs (ADHD) so we want to make sure they will be able to look after him. Does anyone have any recent experience/knowledge of SEN provision in the Upper School? Thx

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NWgirls Mon 30-Apr-18 10:46:22

Bumping for you, as I'm also interested. My comments below are simply based on my impressions from the admissions process:

As part of the registration process, they request all SEN-related assessments and reports to be uploaded.

There are more than 100 applicants for typically about 12 offers (plus some waiting list movement). The school therefore selects, and the main basis for this selection appears to be behaviour in team exercises during the assessment day - where everybody seems to have a great time. Teamwork skills, enthusiasm etc are key. This just to make sure that you are aware that despite the school not being academically selective, it is not easy to get an offer, and personality and behaviour matter a lot. Selection is a two-way street, and you need to have several options.

That said, I believe the school really does go much further than most in treating each child as an individual, and would be happy to consider a variety of needs. With class sizes of max 17 and a child-centered, happy, low pressure ethos, it seems very welcoming.

Head of Learning Support (and Assistant Head of Upper School) is Elizabeth Murray, according to the (Sept 2017) staff list, who I presume would be the best speaking partner on this, at some stage in the process.

Good luck, and great if you can please share what you find out

Davros Mon 30-Apr-18 21:40:12

I would think KA would be good for SEN but places are like gold dust

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