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Age Rating for the NT live screening of Macbeth

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 26-Apr-18 09:06:57

As many of you will know, the NT is doing a live screening of their Macbeth on 10th May.
Having taken DD2, 13, to see the RSC one, I thought it might be interesting/useful for her to see the NT one too as a kind of compare & contrast.

However our local Odeon seems to be rating it as 15.
Luckily, on checking our local Everyman is rating it as 12A.

So if you are planning to go with a y10 or below don't be put off by an Odeon rating, you can go elsewhere!

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LostInLeics Thu 26-Apr-18 09:11:01

I was going to take my 11 year old year 7, since he did Macbeth at school earlier this year. I hadn't thought about the ratings, but after having checked, our local Cineworld also has it as a 12A. He won't be 12 until July, but I don't suppose they'll bother to check ages too closely will they?

TeenTimesTwo Thu 26-Apr-18 09:12:45

12A means under 12 has to be accompanied by an adult, so you're OK anyway.
The RSC version had some quite dramatic sound effects, so I am hoping the NT one isn't more scary.

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TeenTimesTwo Thu 26-Apr-18 09:15:16

We are expecting DD to do Drama for GCSE so I am hoping to be able to discuss the different stagings as well as the more Eng Lit side of things.

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ChristopherTracy Thu 26-Apr-18 09:49:10

Just as a warning the NT one is quite scary - it references terrorism and ISIS and had hanging babies in bags in trees. I would say it was only suitable for a robust 12+.

My 14 year old was fine but my 10 year old would have been terrified.

TeenTimesTwo Thu 26-Apr-18 09:55:47

Christopher Thank you for the review.
That sounds like a 'No' then for my not-robust 13yo. Shame.

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LostInLeics Thu 26-Apr-18 19:40:45

I also hadn't realised that the NT screening doesn't finish until 10pm - even if my DS doesn't fall asleep in the cinema, its going to be far to late by the time we get home and get him to bed for him to be up on a school night.

montenotte Fri 27-Apr-18 08:43:46

thanks for the info @ChristopherTracy
was thinking of bringing DD but definitely won't now.

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