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bedales, canford or wellington

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dolphin50 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:59:48

Hi all
Me and my dh are deciding on senior schools for our son and daughter. these are the three schools we like the most and their prep has links with these schools as well.
i love bedales arty, no school uniform and student individuality reputation. i am very attracted to the unpretentious feel of the place with its own assessed courses and school farm and the fact that it was started as an alternative to the victorian public schools and has always been co ed.
However canford looks amazing too with its grounds, buildings and the fact that its 10 minutes from the beach, something my children will love as well as trips to nearby splashdown and monkey world. The academics, arts and sports look impressive.
But wellington offers such variety that makes it very appealing as well. with its top facilities and its arts festival.
me and my dh are wanting co ed and the opportunities of boarding life. however we are thinking about moving near the school we choose so they can day and all these schools offer day and children are out at weekends so hopefully the best of both worlds

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toughgetsgoing Thu 26-Apr-18 03:48:39

Bedales is fairly monied but scores on the 'creative' factor with singing artsy types.

dolphin50 Thu 26-Apr-18 10:54:40

the library at bedales does look amazing as does the olivier theatre but wellington does seem to have more variety and canford looks impressive too and is in a great location.
Does anyone have experience of these three schools?

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Spongetoe Tue 26-Jun-18 13:01:44

What advice has your prep head given you? These are 3 totally different schools that I’ve never seen recommended together.

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