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St Teresa's School, Effingham

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TamarindTapir Tue 24-Apr-18 18:26:37

Does anyone have any up-to-date information on St Teresa's School, Effingham? It's local to our family home, but we're currently overseas, and will be coming back in a couple of years when dd is yr9. She's bright but gentle and unassuming, and not particularly competitive or go-getting. Friends have told us that St Teresa's has a more academic reputation than before under the new head, but still a kind and inclusive ethos. However, the website has very little current news on it in comparison with other schools, so it's hard to get a good feel for it. We'd love to hear from anyone who has a daughter in the school, as we need to start planning for the future. Thank you very much.

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TamarindTapir Tue 24-Apr-18 19:38:39


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TamarindTapir Tue 24-Apr-18 20:44:43

Anyone? The messages move off active so quickly!

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TamarindTapir Wed 25-Apr-18 12:47:49

Another hopeful bump!

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Clavinova Wed 25-Apr-18 15:07:22

Not much help but dh has family living nearby - I have seen quite a few girls from the senior school in local shops and cafes - all seem very pleasant and unassuming. The new school uniform - navy and pink (very pink games kit!) is a stroke of marketing genius - the previous uniform was brown and green I think. Have heard that they've spent millions on new facilities but there are a number of very academic private schools within easy reach - it's not going to suddenly transform into Guildford High etc. Perhaps they will increase the number of Chinese boarders though.

TamarindTapir Wed 25-Apr-18 16:34:59

Thank you, Clavinova - it's also good to see how the pupils are viewed by the community. I don't think she's a Guildford High girl - but I do want her to be somewhere that will give her the opportunity to achieve her potential and where she will aspire to do her best academically as well as in other areas.

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trojanhorse2 Wed 25-Apr-18 20:07:10

I have several friends whose daughters attend. They all seem happy with it. Two are average ability (parent's words) and the other girls are able but wouldn't get into Guildford High. All are lovely kind girls, and 3 went there after original secondary school didn't work out. Impression is it is very nuturing.

MrsSnitch Thu 26-Apr-18 13:51:25

I live locally and al, the buzz is about Manor House - don’t hear anyone talking about St T’s

TamarindTapir Fri 27-Apr-18 05:56:50

trojanhorse2 - thank you for this - it sounds encouraging.

MrsSnitch - thank you for your reply. For us, Manor House wouldn't be ideal as it only goes to age 16, and we'd like dd to have an opportunity of some stability (or at lease no enforced moves) after a childhood of moving round the world and too many school changes.

Are there any St Teresa's parents out there? smile

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TamarindTapir Wed 02-May-18 13:02:54


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Willow2012 Wed 02-May-18 21:37:48

I have a daughter at St T’s and can’t speak highly enough of it! DD is bright and sporty but was lacking in confidence before joining 2 years ago. She is now brimming with confidence. Teaching is excellent - they set high expectations for the girls but without stressing them out. The girls are encouraged and supported in whatever their interests are - academics, sport, drama etc etc, there’s loads on offer. It has a traditional feel but nurturing at the same time. Hope that helps!

TamarindTapir Thu 03-May-18 16:17:09

Thank you, Willow2012 - so glad to have found a St T's parent at last! Your report is very encouraging and I'm happy to hear such a recommendation for the school.

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Antoniette Wed 29-Aug-18 22:53:02

Hi... did you decide on schools? I’m late to see this, but I’ve had three DDs go through St.T’s and I would recommend it. My youngest was offered Guildford High- she is quite academic, but she is doing really well at St. TS. She pushes herself hard enough... so I worried GH would be too much.

FrustratedWithStTeresa Tue 30-Apr-19 14:24:43

My youngest daughter is with St Teresa (St Ts) in secondary school with my eldest daughter now moved to another school. What used to be an amazing school has and is still going through a lot of change.

•Amazing spread of grounds, perfectly manicured
•Values driven and care about the individual
•Really good facilities such sports grounds, horse stables and pool
•Good parking availability
•Very accessible teachers
•Very religious catholic school with onsite chapel
•Very friendly well manner girls
•Sports: Tennis, Hockey, Netball, gymnastics and horse-riding. (Other sports seem to be of less importance)

•Academics: St Ts does not come across as a school focused on academics. Saying that, academics is acceptable compared to some of the other schools in the area but not at the level of, for example GHS, Notre Dame or Manor House.
•Music and Drama: St T’s come across as a Music and Drama focused school, certainly from a day to day achievements, communications and focus perspective.
•Swimming. Even though St Ts have excellent facilities and some very strong competitive swimmers, the achievements are purely from most girls training at local clubs or outside of the school. There seems to be little investment in swimming as a sport and certainly no interest from the school, and that especially includes the swimming teachers’ faculty and Head of Swimming. Rumour has it they are now get rid of development swimming squads as well so not sure how future competitive swim squads will be formed.
•Semi Co-ed: What used to be a girl only school will over time become semi co ed. The changes will take place very gradually:
oAll pupils in Year 6 and above will continue in girls-only education for the remainder of their schooling at St. Teresa’s.
oAll St Teresa’s pupils currently in Reception and above will continue their girls-only education on the St Teresa’s site to Year 11. The co-ed Sixth Form will open in 2025.
oFrom September of this year, Pre-Reception will be located on the Cranmore site.
oFrom September 2020 both Pre-Reception and Reception will be located on the Cranmore site.

Hope this helps. This is just my general review of St Ts but also a feeling shared with various parents at the school.
Note: The above represents my personal review as a parent and does not represent any other persons, competitive school or institution views.

Surreyhillsbutnobike Mon 08-Jul-19 21:16:21

Amazed people view Manor house as academic. No one locally would say this.

Mac555 Sat 01-Feb-20 16:23:08

Hi TamarindTapir,
wondering if you did send DD to St Teresa's. we are looking at the school for our daughter and just wanting other parent's views of how it is doing with the Cranmore link?
Any views much appreciated.

Starlilly88 Sun 02-Feb-20 08:47:50

St T results better than Notre Dame and similar to Manor House - none of them are viewed as 'academic'.

How religious is the school? I get the feeling that Notre Dame has a lot more focus on religion than St T does

Mac555 Sun 02-Feb-20 11:42:30

Hi Starlilly
Researching the school, the results show St T way behind Notre Dame and Manor House... that is one aspect we are concerned about. We don't want a highly academic environment but wondering why such a difference in results at GCSE levels?

Their sports facilities look great and wondering if St T encourage sports generally or are they mainly centered on their specialist areas (ie swimming, Tennis, hockey, netball)?

Starlilly88 Sun 02-Feb-20 12:26:04

The figures I've seen have St T 50% 9-7 at GCSE, ND 48% and MH 50%. So all fairly similar.

It is now more competitive to get into St T so I would imagine their results would improve in coming years

Starlilly88 Sun 02-Feb-20 12:26:59

Sorry, MH 55%

Mac555 Sun 02-Feb-20 19:20:06

Hi Starlilly,
Where did you get these results as the government website are giving very different results?

Mainly "Attainment 8 score" is 46.7 for St T and 60 for ND?

Thanks again

Starlilly88 Mon 03-Feb-20 19:43:45

I looked on their websites. St T was a bit harder to find but was on their September newsletter - they said 'half' so estimating 50%. And a third of grades 9-8. Although says grades on the newsletter but pupils on another part of the website.

Actually, not sure if MH was 55% of pupils or grades, website is confusing. 36% of grades were 9-8.

ND def says 50% of grades 9-7 on their website, 30% 9-8

Starlilly88 Mon 03-Feb-20 19:46:03

Attainment 8 is average grade across only 8 subjects so maybe different to total grades 9-7 or 9-8 etc. I'm not sure really. Most children take 10 GCSEs

Mac555 Mon 03-Feb-20 21:15:47

Thanks Starlilly, really appreciate your replies. We are keen to get the right school for dd and St T had a good feel for us with an impressive head. As you say, all good schools.

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