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Work experience in geography field

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nada2106 Sun 22-Apr-18 09:38:58

My DD is passionate about geography (human studies - research) and next year will be doing GSCE and work experience. I'm not sure how helpful her school will be with suggesting work experience so we are trying to find companies / bodies who she will approach and ask for work experience. We live near London. If you have any idea or went through similar experience with your DC - please let me know. Thank you very much!

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TeenTimesTwo Sun 22-Apr-18 10:02:14

Any of these any good?
Environment agency
Some London organisation for climate change (there must be one)
National Geographic
Disaster aid charities

EduCated Sun 22-Apr-18 10:43:56

Local planning department?

Teenmum60 Sun 22-Apr-18 11:03:19

I would say local planning department niece is just about to finish her Geography degree and she has done a few work experience sessions with the local council planning department (although it helps that her DF works at a local council).

I know a few people who also managed to do work experience through the planning inspectorate - look at the GOV site...maybe also consider a large or small house builder who has a planning department.

EduCated Sun 22-Apr-18 11:16:06

Have a look through the departments on your local council’s website - things like business development, transport, and even electoral office can touch on elements of human geography.

tryingtocatchthewind Sun 22-Apr-18 11:22:10

Yes to local planning department or there is a charity called planning aid she could try. Also there will be loads of private consultancies in London she could try.
However don’t take it to heart if they say no, I work at the Council and we get at least 10 requests a term, we simply can’t say yes to them all as it takes a lot of work to supervise and make sure it’s meaningful

Clavinova Sun 22-Apr-18 14:09:05

London based firms such as Savills, Deloitte Real Estate and Atkins will have planning and development sections.
Museum of London/London Docklands or The Crystal Exhibition near Greenwich. The Fairtrade charity.

nada2106 Sun 22-Apr-18 23:07:40

Thank you all for these brilliant ideas! I'll tell her tomorrow so she can start preparing how to contact them. I'm really, really grateful for all your answers.

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MrsSnitch Tue 24-Apr-18 12:23:21

My DS doing Geog (huiman) at Uni and is doing HR intyernship - this is a good fit for geographers, so another strand you might consider?

Bellabutterfly2016 Tue 24-Apr-18 12:45:08

Ordnance survey have a Head Office in Southampton but I'm guessing they might have other offices.
My friend did a history degree and studied some of the old maps but they do geographical stuff too

Just an idea

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