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Northern Ireland Secondary school transfer question

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4minions Thu 19-Apr-18 13:51:22

Hi my dd is 11 and transferring to post primary this September. We have filled in transfer forms etc and will hear in May if she has got into her first choice school. My problem is that she has since changed her mind and now wants to go to the school she has put as her second choice (It is an all girls Catholic school and myself and dhs preferred choice all along) do I guess my question is does anyone know of any procedure where we can decline a place at first choice school and then apply to her original second choice. I have checked the EA website but they have nothing on it and only seen to offer between school transfer from yr 9 and up.

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ademanlu Thu 19-Apr-18 19:44:20

You would probably be better contacting the EA directly and asking what to do in this situation - schools are probably still in the midst of selecting their pupils and it would depend on if your second choice school has places available - is it possible that she may get her 2nd choice anyway or is she guaranteed her 1st choice?

4minions Thu 19-Apr-18 20:33:02

First choice is not guaranteed and she is quite far down the criteria however in previous years the school have went above their intake numbers to accommodate anyone who have put it down as first choice. I'll ring the EA and see what they say thanks for the suggestion. She is my eldest and has asd and I'm just so worried about her she is going from a small country school with a total enrolment of 48 to a secondary with minimum 300 pupils whichever she ends up in.

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