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Private -top pastoral care secondary schools sw London

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nerbek Wed 18-Apr-18 21:51:35

Hi there

I'm very new to London and have a daughter in year 4 that will be entering secondary in 2 years time. She's currently in state school that's really amazing outstanding in east sheen and she loves it. I'm really nervous about choosing the next school for her she's bright and learns well through care and attention a lot of schools can be very tough and academic so she might seem unhappy. Any advice on a really nice friendly school in sw London to recommend . Much appreciated

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Marv1nGay3 Wed 18-Apr-18 22:43:34

St Catherine’s in Twickenham has excellent pastoral care. It is one of the reasons we chose it for our daughter.

Wheresthebeach Wed 18-Apr-18 22:47:15

Same here...our daughter has thrived at St Caths.

HunkyDory69 Thu 19-Apr-18 08:43:51

If you are happy with coed - & a lot from state primary prefer it - then kingston grammar school has great pastoral care.

KoshaMangsho Thu 19-Apr-18 08:46:33

We are obviously neighbours! Anyway St Catherine’s and also Ibstock Place has a good reputation.

sanam2010 Thu 19-Apr-18 12:11:44

Kew House has an excellent reputation for pastoral care

Roseredvelvet Sun 22-Apr-18 22:04:18

Out of all the schools dd sat for, Surbiton High School and Kingston Grammar School really impressed me during the whole 11+ process. She has chosen SHS and they emailed to inform me that they will be visiting dd at her current school this term to get to know her in a familiar environment 😀.

RaindropsAndSparkles Sun 22-Apr-18 22:06:35

We found WHS extraordinarily good.

montenotte Mon 23-Apr-18 08:59:29

I think most of the schools are actually pretty good now - even the tough academic hot houses aren't what they used to be like with all the awareness of mental health etc..

You have to choose the environment your dd will be happy depending on their personality/needs.
Does she likes being near the top of the pile academically or does she likes being challenged alongside a bigger pool of academic children.
Is she sporty or not? musical? drama? techy? Does she love to play sport but not A team?

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