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Gumshield numpty, help required

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Flangey Mon 16-Apr-18 18:24:15

A gumshield is listed on the Y7 PE uniform for DD. I see you can buy cheap ones or expensive bespoke ones. The school do not have a company come in to do fittings, which I gather some schools do. DD will not be playing hockey or rugby out of school. What should I look for?

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Mumski45 Mon 16-Apr-18 18:37:40

Look up shock doctor and opro gum shields on amazon. They are not very expensive and you for them by putting them in boiling water for a minute or two then biting into them. Make sure you get the right size tho as adult ones might be too big.

Flangey Mon 16-Apr-18 18:46:19

Thanks, she is definitely not adult sized!

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AveEldon Mon 16-Apr-18 18:47:10

I buy opro ones on amazon - check which size you need - they are about £13

Then watch the you tube video on how to fit them
I recommend running through the steps with your child skipping the water bit but doing the bite and suck section so they have an idea what you are going to do

Situp Mon 16-Apr-18 18:49:34

Bespoke ones are better for prevent concussion, especially in rugby.

Your dentist should be able to do one for you.

Tid13 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:04:08

Mouthguard preventing concussion? Concussion in the teeth?

Like someone else said, boil and bite Oppro or shock doctor will do fine.

Malbecfan Mon 16-Apr-18 19:58:00

Our dentist made them for the DDs. They were able to chose the design and as their teeth changed (braces, adult teeth etc), he was able to adapt them for free.

Northumberlandlass Mon 16-Apr-18 19:59:25

Our dentist is a rugby coach & does gum sheilds for free!!

I’ve tried a few cheap ones - they didn’t fit well at all

meala Mon 16-Apr-18 20:04:48

I would recommend sisu mouthguards. They are designed to give an excellent tight fit. They won't fall out. You can still talk as normal and drink easily. Moulding is easy and you can remould as often as you like until the fit is correct. My son won't wear anything else now and he plays rugby and ice hockey.

RomaineCalm Mon 16-Apr-18 20:29:58

I would get a custom-fitted one if you can. Some may also have a dental warranty. It's definitely worth asking your dentist for advice.

I have seen a lot of children with badly fitted 'boil and bite' ones and they seem to spend a lot of time either chewing them or taking them in and out. They should fit and stay in!

There seems to be some debate around whether wearing a mouth guard can prevent concussion. Again, worth having a Google.

Flangey Mon 16-Apr-18 20:54:26

The advice from school was to "get the soft ones, not the hard ones". Does that make sense? Custom-fitted from the dentist sounds potentially expensive, surely they don't all do them for free? DD will not be playing contact rugby, or any rugby to start with, but will do hockey (but only because they have to).

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Rudi44 Mon 16-Apr-18 21:32:44

Yes we have a custom made one, it was under £50 and comes with dental insurance in the event her teeth are damaged whilst wearing it.

AveEldon Mon 16-Apr-18 21:37:48

The thing is they need a new one each year (or more often if they lose the thing) - £50 is a lot of £

The Opro ones also come with some dental cover

Flangey Mon 16-Apr-18 21:43:18

I have read comments from some dentists/orthodontist that boil in the bag are better for growing teeth. It's confusing. £50 seems quite steep for a reluctant hockey player, although I appreciate anyone can get hit. Does anyone know what a soft shield is?

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dlnex Mon 16-Apr-18 21:49:13

Sports Direct - boil and bite, about £5, new one every year.

RomaineCalm Mon 16-Apr-18 22:26:08

The trouble is that if DD has to play hockey (albeit reluctantly) she risks getting hit in the mouth with a ball. Dental bills can run to ££££ if she needs to have work done.

If you have a local hockey or rugby club it might be worth asking whether they have anyone that fits gumshields. We got ours done at the club more cheaply than at school. It's still a lot of money compared to the others but we try to think of it as insurance.

Mumto3teenagekids Mon 16-Apr-18 22:45:53

Get your dentist to make one. Hopefully it's the best wasted £50!!!! Dental bills would wipe that amount out before you even think about it. I wouldn't let my kids near a hockey ball or stick without the best mouth guard possible. You won't regret it.

Numbkinnuts Mon 16-Apr-18 22:51:50

Situp who on earth told you that a gum shield prevented concussion !

Situp Tue 17-Apr-18 05:57:02

Umm the medical experts I worked with during a 10 year career in professional rugby...

If a player falls and hits the back of the head, the gum shield help absorb shock and stabilize the head and neck.

They also limit movement caused by a direct hit to the jaw.

There are lots of research papers published on it.

Boil and bite are thinner and fit less snugly so the shock absorbtion and stability is better with custom made.

KT63 Tue 17-Apr-18 06:01:46

Granted it’s been 20 + years since I needed a mouth guard, but I used the boil and bite ones when I played hockey. Please do get her one, even if it’s a basic one because hockey balls can cause damage (I’ve been skelped in the face by one!) and it’s worth having the protection.

Not sure how a gumshield/mouthguard would prevent concussion though?

KT63 Tue 17-Apr-18 06:02:20

X post with Situp

Situp Tue 17-Apr-18 06:02:31

They don't prevent it but can reduce the impact.

KT63 Tue 17-Apr-18 06:08:59

Shock absorption makes sense, I hadn’t thought of that. Like I said its been many years since I’ve used one, technology has no doubt moved on since those days grin

Numbkinnuts Tue 17-Apr-18 07:07:05

Sit-up thank you for pointing me in that direction. It would appear however that the evidence is anted octal and inclusive. Would I be right ?

If the evidence was compelling then surely World Rugby would make mouthguards mandatory ?

Also the RFU make no mention of mouthguards in their Headcase programme for their community game.

I am interested as have two Rugby playing boys and would like to see the evidence which it would appear the lead bodies are not referring to.

Numbkinnuts Tue 17-Apr-18 07:07:40

* inconclusive

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