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Move to Buckingham - school problem!

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bobnl Tue 10-Apr-18 16:02:32

We are thinking of moving near Royal Latin School because we hope our Son(currently in Y3) could pass 11+, He is bright.
In case if my son could not pass 11+, the only option is The Buckingham School(secondary).
I see mixed responses about The Buckingham School.

Can anyone advise me on The Buckingham School?


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BubblesBuddy Tue 10-Apr-18 17:18:27

Never been great! It’s a school that gets better and then gets worse again. You will also need to consider primary. Most are good, but have you looked to see which ones have spaces. Lots of people move to Bucks for 11 plus, but don’t make it. Be sure of your child’s intelligence. There is a big tutoring economy!

Not sure if Buckingham parents ever get into a school in Brackley or MK which are comprehensive. There is a new free school in Winslow, the Sir Thomas Freemantle. If you live in Winslow you can still get into RLS (you will pay for transport) and also be able to get into STF.

STF is considered to be an all ability school, but with RLS a few miles away, clearly it’s not. However, it is attracting pupils but as it’s small, if is a bit limiting. RLS it’s not! I would expect this to change though. It has a new building (not very attractive) and it will be near the new station when that opens, eventually! The grounds are poor and not established. DM goes there for Christmas dinner and reports the musical entertainment to be a bit average!

Alternatively, you could you look at Waddesdon. It is catchment for the Aylesbury Grammars but is also catchment for Waddesdon School which is better than many comprehensives. It’s ultra sought after but catchment is tiny. Quainton is in catchment but you need to check catchment Very Carefully if you are interested.

bobnl Wed 11-Apr-18 08:45:00

Thank you very much BubblesBuddy for your support.

My Daughter is in Year 1 and my Son is in Y3.
There is only one primary school in Waddesdon, I called them yesterday and they are full. The school office advised me to contact Buckinghamshire council to go on a waiting list.
The problem is after I move to Waddesdon, there is no guarantee that I will get a place at primary school until the school finds space for my kids. There could be other kids on the waiting list.
Also, If I buy a house there, after my kid's complete schooling, how easy is to see the house? Any idea?

Thank you

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BubblesBuddy Wed 11-Apr-18 22:51:08

Easy enough to sell because everyone wants that school. It’s the best non grammar in Bucks with a track record. You could look at the schools in Winslow though. Not sure if the primary is full though. I would contact BCC admissions for info on vacancies and they do maintain a web site vacancy list.

bobnl Thu 12-Apr-18 18:57:07

Think you BubblesBuddy.
The Winslow primary is not full, I checked it.
Winslow only comes under catchment of RLS whereas Waddesdon comes under catchment of 3 grammar schools in Aylesbury.

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BubblesBuddy Fri 13-Apr-18 23:26:53

That’s correct about Winslow but you did say you wanted RLS in the first place and the back up at STF may not be that bad.

deepheatishot Fri 13-Apr-18 23:34:04

I live here and believe you me the scrap for school places is horrendous and remember only the top 23% get into the grammar. You might be better trying for one of the Aylesbury ones as there are two - Floyd and Aylesbury Boys or forgetting the whole grammar thing altogether as it really does end up being a miserable existence for years for everyone.

deepheatishot Fri 13-Apr-18 23:34:42

Sorry I see you have already ready considered the Aylesbury grammars too.

deepheatishot Fri 13-Apr-18 23:35:52

The third grammar in Aylesbury is the girls one.

BubblesBuddy Sun 15-Apr-18 00:26:28

My experience is that it wasn’t a miserable existence if you don’t get caught up in the hype and live in catchment for a very good secondary. Many friends had children go to John Colet, The Misbourne and Waddesdon. Their children have been very happy and have achieved very well. There are parents I know who have made the lives of their children miserable by ludicrously high expectations. My advice is to steer clear of that.

The pass mark is the same where-ever you live in Bucks or if you apply from outside Bucks. There are no easier Grammars to get into. The Aylesbury and Buckingham ones take from a very wide geographical area and many from MK. It’s a bums on seats exercise! The pass mark is the same for all. In Aylesbury Vale it’s probably not 20% who get a grammar school place but the key is to live in Waddesdon or John Colet catchment around Wendover. My friends’ children are studying Maths and Chemistry at RG universities from John Colet at Wendover and I know loads of others who have gone on to degree courses from this school.

It’s not miserable if you plan and don’t have unrealistic goals. A child needs to sit comfortably on a top table (or two in a big primary) to have a reasonable chance. Also, the top table needs to be a broadly educated one that’s not being coached morning, noon and night!

bobnl Mon 16-Apr-18 14:08:42

BubblesBuddy/deepheatishot : Thank you for your valuable input.
The catchment area of Aylesbury and Buckingham include only a small area of MK...
Otherwise, MK would have been another option, because Denbigh School in MK is also top rated.
The catchment areas of Denbigh School is not in the catchment of Aylesbury and Buckingham Grammar school.

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Pikmin Mon 16-Apr-18 18:10:39

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