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St Dustans (Catford) induction day August

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user1475317873 Sun 08-Apr-18 13:17:53

DD is starting in St Dustans in September year 7. I believe there is an induction day at the end of August; how importan is this?; we will be returning from overseas that Friday; could change the tickets to return a day earlier but will be around £1000.

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Cameralover Fri 13-Apr-18 11:04:34

Hi - we are in exactly the same situation with our DD. We don’t have the option of flying back early as we are at a wedding so she will have to miss the induction. She is obviously a bit sad about it but I did wonder if others might miss it too.

user1475317873 Fri 13-Apr-18 20:24:10

Thank you.

I have emailed the school to confirm and check how important it is. We can move the flights but it would be about £1,000 for all of us as it is transcontinental so do not think we will do it.

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