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Have you had a Cognitive Assessment test done before?

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AnnaHindrer Fri 06-Apr-18 10:39:37

It’s looking like DS might be having this done soon. It’s the first I’ve heard of it. I’m familiar with Educational psychological testing as ds2 had one done yrs ago, but this seems slightly different and more geared towards analysing how a person actually learns.

Have you or your dc had this done before and what was your experience of it?

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AnnaHindrer Fri 06-Apr-18 16:31:55

Anyone smile.

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gubble Fri 06-Apr-18 16:41:06

It sounds like it may be an iq type test . Does he struggle ? My son has sn but we haven't had that particular test .

AnnaHindrer Fri 06-Apr-18 16:46:46

It’s seems to analyse cognisance and executive function amongst other things. It’s part of an assessment for ADHD.

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sleepwelly Fri 06-Apr-18 17:01:48

Is quite likely to be this test used - here is some info about it and the info it can give. Kids often quite enjoy doing it and it can be really useful to make sense of their pattern of strengths and weaknesses...

WobblyBanana Sat 07-Apr-18 12:10:43

Both mine had this done as part of their ASD assessment. There are different types but these test for different things related to their learning, for instance Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning (which are basic IQ type tests), pattern matching and something to do with language (sorry, it was a long time ago now so can't remember everything.). My youngest had some kind of test of inference skills too, but I think he had a different test to my eldest.

They've been quite useful in a lot of ways, especially the Ed Psych interpretation which helped my kids a lot in school, and actually explained a lot of the behaviours we and the teachers had seen.

WobblyBanana Sat 07-Apr-18 12:12:14

My eldest had the British Abilities Scale II test, similar to the Wechsler, but my youngest had something else - can't remember off hand which one.

AnnaHindrer Sun 08-Apr-18 16:22:36

Wobbly - Do you know who did your Dc’s Test? was it done by an Ed Psych?

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whatsitallabout1 Wed 11-Apr-18 21:32:13

All pupils at our local Comprehensive sit CAT4 tests during transition week. They use the results, along with SATs results, for setting. It is also used as a starting point to help identify potential issues/barriers to learning and to inform teachers so they can use most effective teaching techniques.

It is done in a low key manner and is quite "quiz-like", I've not heard of any children finding it particularly worrying.

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