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GCSE course work urgent!!!

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RosieLig Fri 06-Apr-18 09:49:24


My son just realised that his final draft and videos of his individual sport hadn’t sent through (he sent them a few weeks ago) to his PE teacher. He had gone into school and once logged into the school WiFi got all these not sent receipts. We urgently emailed his PE teacher and luckily he replied and then forwarded on the coursework element (apparently the deadline was Tuesday so we made it by 1 hour) I was cross because although the teacher was reminding them to send them to him in class my son thought he’d sent them so didn’t think the reminder applies to him! Anyway given that it went in we decided to just let it go and be thankful it was ok in the end.

Anyway this morning I mentioned something about the individual sport videos and he said oh I don’t think that email went either! angry With all the drama and stress about his coursework he’d totally forgotten to tell us. Now I’m assuming we’ve missed the deadline but surely the teacher should have got in touch if that video was missing. I think my husband may try to get hold of the teacher (I do feel bad as it’s the holidays but surely they need to take a bit more responsibility about collating all the coursework so IT issues like this don’t happen)

Any advice? And yes I am fuming at my son but he knows he’s messed up. confused

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KittyVonCatsington Fri 06-Apr-18 11:03:07

It depends what board your son is doing but I think for PE, a moderation visit will be arranged which is different dates in each school but will probably be in May.
Therefore, your son’s PE teacher will have set an early deadline for them to account for issues like this (so I imagine they are taking responsibility for the coursework!!)
Don’t panic! All will be fine. I would just email the videos and enjoy the holiday (and revise too obviously!)

RosieLig Fri 06-Apr-18 11:38:57

Thank you- I’m hoping you’re right! shock

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