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AllTheGdUserNamesRTaken Wed 04-Apr-18 17:37:17


Our child is at a prep school, that has recently turned into a through school. This means that my child will not be prepared for 11+ or 13+ as the school wants to retain as many children as possible. We want our child to go to a different senior school, where the CE is required... and we are concerned that he will not do well in the tests.

How much work would it take an above average child to cover the CE syllabus? I have had a look at the ISEB website, and the volume of work looks huge... do many people tutor?

Sorry to be so naive, but we were trusting the school to prepare him but now their strategy has changed we are at a bit of a loss.

Thanks for any help!

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trinity0097 Wed 04-Apr-18 18:37:33

What school do you want him to go to? What year group is he in? What school is he currently at?

elephantintheroom2 Thu 05-Apr-18 07:04:16

What year is your child in? You can prepare him for 11+ yourself, with or without tutoring. It depends how selective the senior school is. You could also prepare him, in a similar way, for 13+ entry via an entry test which is similar to 11+ ( ie: English/maths/reasoning). You can't prepare him for CE if the school isn't teaching it. The syllabus is quite rigorous. Move him to a different prep for years 7 and 8. There are always a few kids doing this at my DS's prep.

ChocolateWombat Thu 05-Apr-18 16:51:26

Check with the school he wants to go to, if they run their own entrance exam (probably a pre-test at 11 for 13+ entry) and if CE isn't actually used to determine admissions - this pattern is usual these days and CE is just a way to keep Yr 7 and 8 focused, rather than determining entrance. Also, most schools who take in at 13+ also have a non-CE route for children coming from schools which don't offer it - so enquire about that too.

You cannot teach CE yourself. It isn't just English and Maths and VR/NVR like 11+ but exams across the full curriculum including languages and Latin and is a very specific syllabus, quite different to what non-CE schools will be covering - quite old fashioned and fact based - very content heavy.

Chances are, there will be a route into the 13+ secondary you like, without needing to do CE, but an entrance exam will be required and that in itself will need some preparation. Your Prep should be doing it....the clue is in the name...Prep! I would be challenging them that you joined the school under the impression that they would do the prep and that if they change what is offered mid-education, you have been mis-sold.

Regardless of whether it is possible to get into the school you want without CE, I would seriously consider looking at alternatives for Yr 7 and 8, if you are in an area where this is possible. The focus of the school and children will all be on something your DS isn't heading towards - they aren't a Prep any longer, just a Junior department - it's a very different education than that provided by a genuine Prep which is preparing children for a range of secondaries.

How disappointing to be let down like this mid-way through. Definitely worth querying and complaining about.

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